Food Review: British Invasion at Katipunan via The Royal Piccadilly

Hello Sweeties!

A lot of things changed in the Katipunan since I was a University student way back in the 90s. Shops and new condo are abound. Sometimes I get really dizzy trying to decide where to have my next meal because of the variety of new dining areas there. I was very glad to get an invitation from Zomatoph for a foodie meet-up.


London ambiance

Located at the 2nd floor Petron Katipunan close near La Vista Subdivision, The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery is a hole in the wall and very unique restaurant that has that London tea house atmosphere.

The restaurant was established by two sisters who loved having tea parties. Their visit to Great Britain, inspired them to establish this 40 seater restaurant. As soon as you spot the restaurant, you will notice the clean and bright atmosphere. Decorated mostly with knick knacks of the British presuasion. I love that the setting reminds me of Alice in Wonderland having spot of tea with the Mad Hatter (classic version not the one with Johnny Depp) and company. I keep waiting for the White Rabbit to pop up any moment saying he’s very very late. Lol


Special Menu for the Zomato bloggers

Bloggers were treated to a special set menu by Cielo and her husband the owners of TRP, It consist of classic British favorites like fish and chips, bangers with mesh, meat pies, and an english tea to cap the meal. Excited? Read on!


A variety of tea drinks were served

Their welcome drink, a variety of tea flavors, they use very colorful paper straws! I had the Cinammon Apple Tea


Coronation Chicken Salad

The Coronation Chicken Salad was inspired by the recipe from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It was such a refreshing salad. With the vegetables stills crunchy to the bite A perfect starter to the meal.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash A meat sausage similar to Pinoy longganisa, it is called banger because it burst open when you fry it. It goes perfectly with their prepared mash potatoes. While eating I find the prefect balance between the saltiness of the sausage and the potatos.

Braised Lamb Shank

Braised Lamb ShankThis is actually my favorite among the dishes prepared. Mainly because I don’t have lamb often, since I find the meat when not prepared well a tad gamey. But TRP prepared this dish in such a way that there is no unsavory after taste. I was wishing for a large plate of rice then, I could polish off the entire plate.

Meat Pies with Mashed Potatoes and Mushy Peas

Meat Pie with Mashed Potatoes and Mushy Peas Meat pies, a staple in British meals, a change for me since I am not used to meat pies, As we cut open the pie, I can still remember how the crust was nice and flakey, the meat spilling out, since it was well packed. My nose enjoyed the smell of the well season meat as it escapes the crust. I loved that you have the option to sprinkle it with hot sauce.

Fish and Chips

I have had Fish and Chips before, but it was served in a bucket with tiny tiny fries. That is why when TRP served us this huge order of Fish and Chips I was overwelmed. This enormous cream dory, breaded and served with large potatoes. I wanted a beer with that! Lol. But it was getting late we had a nice glass of wine instead.

With my baby Cyrene


Baby Back Ribs

My husband flipped when he saw this plate of Baby Back Ribs! We are setting dinner plans as I write. Lol Best eaten piping hot!

Knights Bridge AfternoonTea

A meal at TRP will not be complete without a spot of English tea. Knight Bridge Afternoon Tea Set is served with Earl Grey, they showed us how to properly have tea the Brit way. Using a special hour glass timer in the case of the Earl Grey you have to wait until the black hour glass runs out, hot water is served inside the tea pots, you dip the tea bags inside, tangle the string at the handle of the pot to make it easier to take out when the tea is done. It’s a no no to leave the tea bags inside the pots. Our tea is served with the beautiful Sultana Scones, Puffins, Caramel Bars. along with blueberries and cream.

Our food adventure does not stop there!


Rainbow Cake

We also got to taste their special Rainbow Cake, light fluffy and very colorful. I enjoyed it because it was not a sweet cake, it was a perfect partner to their unique concoction the Butter Beer.

Butter Beer

My daughter Raffy a rabid fan of the Harry Potter books, would flip once she gets a taste of this authentic (the reciepe is based on the HP shop in Britian) Lovely, foamy, sweet and gives you a sense of happiness. TRP’s Butter Beer is a stroke of genius. I have tasted a coffee shop version of Butter Beer and it was not as pleasing as this one. Since it is non-alcholic, the kiddies can enjoy it. The adults can have it with a bit of rum for the right kick in the pants. A must try when you dine at TRP.

Special Christmas cupcakes for all the bloggers to take home

We all got to take home these delightful cupcakes. My kids devoured them as soon as I took it out. Cielo’s sister is a Patissiere and she makes and designs all the cakes in TRP. Check out the beautiful Christmas themed cupcakes! TRP is also open for small events like Baptisms, Bridal Showers, Engagement Dinners and the likes.

Zomato Bloggers with Ms Cielo the owner of The Royal Piccadilly, Elaine and Kevin of Zomato

A taste and ambiance of Britain, fantastic excellently prepared British fave food with a the Flipino touch, the cozy and intimate place to dine. A Restaurant Cakery by day and a British pub by night. This is how I see The Royal Piccadilly. So, it maybe located at an unlikely place (above a gasoline station) and people might at notice it at first glance but once you enter it’s doors and felt the warmth and personal touch in each and every nook and cranny, tasted their delicious dishes made with care, I assure you, you can’t help but return. It is a slice of London in the Philippines.

My thanks to the Zomatoph team, Elaine and Kevin for inviting me to experience The Royal Piccadilly’s Cielo and her husband who prepared the scrumpcious food and desserts for us, thank you for opening your doors to us.

Which of their dishes do you think is interesting?

The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery
2nd Floor Petron La Vista
Katipunan Quezon City
Telephone: 435.31.09

Store Hours:
11AM – 10PM Monday to Sundays

Until next time Sweeties!
Muah! joeydragonlady

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4 Responses to Food Review: British Invasion at Katipunan via The Royal Piccadilly

  1. Pat says:

    My family and I were once stranded in Katipunan during a storm and we decided to pass the time here at Royal Picadilly. Food is quite excellent and the tea service is pretty good!

  2. Buge says:

    I live only a few minutes away from Katipunan but I admit I haven’t been to Royal Picadilly. Thank you for sharing this, will definitely go there with my family one of these days.

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