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Event: Yummy Diet Fitness Party

Hello Sweeties! I am a carnivore I admit, I over indulged the past years I focused on indulging my taste buds. But whenever I look at myself I see and feel that I need to shape up or at least … Continue reading

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A Proud Zoman

Follow my food journey on @Zomato! —

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Food Review: British Invasion at Katipunan via The Royal Piccadilly

Hello Sweeties! A lot of things changed in the Katipunan since I was a University student way back in the 90s. Shops and new condo are abound. Sometimes I get really dizzy trying to decide where to have my next … Continue reading

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Taco Bell Zomato Foodie Meet Up

Hello Sweeties! I have always been a fan of Mexican food. When I think of a quick fix to my Mexican food craving I think about Taco Bell. Flassssh baccck! I first tasted Taco Bell when I was a kid, … Continue reading

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