Book Launch/Signing: Paano Ba’to?! by Bianca Gonzales

Hello Sweeties!

I had the opportunity thru Mommy Bloggers Philippines to attend the beautiful, talented and sensible Bianca Gonzales‘ first ever Book Launch at NBS, Glorietta 1 for her self help book for teens and young adults Paano Ba ‘To?!
Bianca for those who have been living under a rock, is one of the ultra hyphenated young entertainment personalities in the Philippines today. Not only is she a TV host, columnist for Philippine Star, Editor-in-Chief of Meg Magazine and commercial model, she is also a stanch advocate of children’s rights.

Bianca arrived smiling and dressed up like the image on her book’s cover. She became very tearful when she saw how large the crowd was and she burst into tears when she spotted her elder brother in the crowd, she said he is based in the US and it was a surprise to see him there.

She is such a down to earth girl and I read snippets of her personality in book which she dedicates to her Mom Ofel, ( awww, this made ME teary eyed then), and says all she is now is because of how well she was raised by her family. I know how she feels since I too consider my Mom my personal Super Heroine.
Paano ba ‘To?! How to Survive Growing Up is a book that gives advice primarily to teens and young adults on how to go through life challenges, It has chapters about love, family friendship, school, career, finances, fashion and beauty, and surprisingly failure, self and purpose.
I liked that this book is colorful, illustrated ( Pete Rich) with doodles that makes it so fun to browse. It also contains advice from experts (professionals)and well known celebrities that share their own experiences.
What I enjoyed the most about this book is that Bianca’s voice is so prominent, so real and she talks from the heart. Every advice she gives shows empathy from someone who has been there and who has made the same mistakes and choices and has grown stronger for it.

My daughter Raffy would really enjoy reading this since it does not look down on teens and written in a way young people would really relate to.

Photo grabbed from her @iamsuperbianca Instagram account.

Photo grabbed from her @iamsuperbianca Instagram account.

Best Wishes! As you go off to a new adventure with your THE ONE, PBA cager, JC Intal.


with the gracious and approachable Bianca Gonzales during the book siging

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Ms. Bianca Gonzales for the invitation!

I am passing the book to my Raffy and her friends to enjoy. Paano Na ‘To?! is a book worth your time.

Follow Bianca Gonzales at her official IG:

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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