Summer Komikon 2013

Yay! The Summer Komikon came early this year! I was pretty miffed that we had a thing last year so we were unable to go. For those who are unfamiliar with the term Komikon, it is an event where geeks like us who love reading Komiks ( for the more talently among us create, write and illustrate their own Komiks) gather and bask in the awesomeness of the idea that we are not alone in our geekness or otakuness or also called a Comic Convention. My daughter and I have been trouping to the Komikon since last year and it has become a Summer bonding tradition for us to be there and check out the new books. I just love reading books written by Pinoys, it is so very relatable plus I get see them during book signing like these.

A pre made map was posted in their Facebook page to give us geeks a chance to mark the places we want to navigate.

We got to the Bayanihan Center a little before after 12nn but the place was packed! To think it has only been a 2 hours since it opened! As part of the SK041313 kit was a limited edition Komikon News Journal, a poster, a cardboard copy of the comic on poster and of course the ticket that cost 100php. If I bought the pre-Komikon tickets at Comic Odyssey Robinson’s Galleria I would have taken home a orange bag, but alas I had no time to get early tickets. 😭.

After Raffy and I got our tickets, we spotted a welcome sight. The 7/11 booth! The heat outside was unbearable and to be honest we headed straight for the Slurpees being given away free to all ticket holders along with the Sippy Cups of The Hobbit! Waah! I was happy already and I haven’t even seen the Komiks inside!

Some of the none Komik items that caught our eye. I love the Mazinger Z T-shirt, I never did find out what happened to Koji and Yumi get together. The cute crochet hats are made by Penguin Sews! Pinoy made and hand crafted too! The cookies are also from the Penguin Sews Birdhouse Bakers . There were also toys similar to Legos and of course the Kaiba Stuffies! πŸ’•

Official SK041313 merchandise

Comic Stores like Fibars and Comic Odyssey sold the old favorites.
National Bookstore Bestsellers gave as much as 70% off their comics!

Since SK041313 targets the younger kids they launched such great titles!

Some of the awesome titles from our very creative Komik creators

titles from the Indie Komik creators So, you may ask what’s the difference between the Indie Komiks and the ones found in the main area? Well, most of the indie Komiks are self published, and they made these awesome art from their own pocket! Cool huh?
I have always been fascinated with comics, I love it because of two things. The art and the story itself. If the art sucks I wouldn’t bother reading no matter how awesome the story is. I am pretty prejudice like that. That is why I follow a strict rule of buying only Komiks from artist I like and of course writer I adore always collaborate with some of the best illustrators. I mean who would like their vision illustrated sloppily? Right?

I went to check out Ian Sta. Maria (Skyworld), because of circumstances (his laptop died) he did not release the much awaited spin to Skyworld Kadasig 2 which he writes with David Honteveros at the SK041313. He has the Skyworld limited ed posters and a new Komik with Russell Molina Sixy-six. I’ll be sure to be at the October Komikon to finally get my copy Kadasig.

Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo did NOT come out with Trese 6, but they shared a awesome preview plus Stories from the Diabolical

I had myself earmarked to get this new Supernatural Komiks by the team of Budjette Tan, Bow Guerrero, and JB Tapia. The Dark Colony: Book 1 Mikey Recio & The Secret of the The Demon Dungeon (120php) I have and will always be more a supernatural Komiks lover than a Superhero Komiks lover. I don’t mind if you combine the two as long as the base is a good back story. A young man coming to his own, a lost of a loved one, a secret society, family secrets, a rich history of a past, monsters exist and it’s set in Antipolo! I am most definitely hooked for the long haul!
I was excited to hear that Paolo Fabregas’ The Filipino Heroes League Book 2: The Sword (180php) will be available at the SK041313! I has been a while a long while, but the wait was worth it. Can’t wait for Book 3!

Here is an interesting find. The Urban Animal by John Amor (200php for the set of 3) to teach a naughty boy a lesson a fish ball vendor who looks like Albert Einstein turns him into a reptile.
These are some of my foreign haul. I didn’t Who is AC? Pinay artist Tintin Pantoja (415php from 518php) to sign my book because I left early and the book signing was 4pm. One of my favorite manga Boys Over Flowers was on sale at 100php.

Although Raffy and I didn’t stay for the entire event, we got what we came for and more. Aside from the Komiks, the freebies, meet and greet and signing with your favorite authors / artist there were games and talks for aspiring Komiks artist, Iron Man 3, a Character making contest, Games of Thrones family arms contest, I heard there was also a marriage proposal! Anything can happen at a Komikon! I can’t wait for the next one in October!

– until next event Muah! – joeydragonlady πŸ‰

To learn about the Komikon:
To see The Dark Colony:
To enter the world of Trese:
To meet the gods of Skyworld:
To know more about The Filipino League:
To become an Urban Animal:
To order the cute knitted caps: penguinsews.tumblr
To taste the yummines of the cookies and cakes:

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8 Responses to Summer Komikon 2013

  1. Joy @ Penguin Sews says:

    Hello! Joy here from Penguin Sews. Thank you for mentioning us in your post! πŸ˜€ The cookies are actually from Birdhouse Bakers ( They’re our partners in bazaars. Thank you again πŸ˜€

  2. A bit confused about what you said about Kadasig. I know for a fact that Kadasig 2 didn’t make it, but copies of Kadasig 1 were being sold right next to sir Ian’s stand, along with the other titles of Sir David Hontiveros. It’s also available online. πŸ™‚

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