Meet and Greet Arnold Arre’s Mythology Class

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I missed the November Komikon this year because of a family event (Raffy’s Confirmation). I did not have the chance to get my bi-yearly Komiks fix so i decided to braved Taguig alone in the midst of impending Typhoon Ruby (Hagupit) to attend Arnold Arre’s Mythology Class Book Meet and Greet. During Komikons, I don’t get to ask the artist all the questions I like for fear of holding up the line of people who want to get their books signed. I am thankful for the privilege to attend a talk like this. (Shout out to Eens Gonzales, thanks for inviting me.)

Arnold Arre is a legend in the Philippine Komik Book scene, he is a writer, an artist and animator. He was awarded twice by the Manila Critics Circle National Book Award for Mythology Class(2000) and Trip to Tagaytay(2001).

I have been a fan of Arnold Arre for years, I have read his work when I was just starting out my career as a Media practitioner, and until recently I haven’t gotten myself copies of his work because almost all of them are out of print! Oh the tragedy!

Luckily, Nautilus Comics a publishing company managed by Jamie Bautista, (Komiks writer of Cast and Private Iris) decided to reprint not only Mythology Class but also Trip to Tagaytay.

Mythology Class in 3 different covers, the one in the middle is a limited edition sold only at the last November Komikon. According to Arnold, the contents of the book are primarily the same as the previous print except this time you can choose from 3 different covers.


Rhea and Jamie Bautista

The event was hosted by Rhea Bautista, the better half of Komik Artist Jamie Bautista.

Jamie gave a small introduction about What is Comics? And what makes it so awesome. Pictures in sequence, makes a great story even with out words. The couple also read a few pages of Mythology Class, hilarity ensues when Jamie does a mean yet perfectly suitable voice-over of Mrs. Enkanta, suffice to say for me that was one of the extra treats for us fans.

Arnold was interested in learning about more Philippine Folklore and Mythology but at the time there were no books available, So he created his own story to fill that need hence Mythology Class was born. After he finished Mythology Class, he decided to move on to other stories because he has so many to tell, he was offered my Manila Times to revisit Mythology Class, in strip form, he finished a year’s worth but due to editorial constraints the comic was canceled. Fingers crossed that Nautilus Comics picks it up and makes an Anthology to be published soon! He also tried to complete a sequel to Mythology Class but his story went to a different direction and it turned into a High Fantasy spin-off set in the world of Enkantos. Fans will surely look forward this new world.

Arnold did a collaboration with another Komik legend Gerry Alanguilan called Rodski Patotski, Ang Dalagang Baby a full colored Komik Book launched this year. He has hopes of doing more collaborations with other artist soon.

Arnold has recently released a 20 minute animated short film called Milkyboy. The film went on to win awards at the 25th Gawad CCP Para Sa Alternatibong Pelikula in November 2013, the 7th Animahenasyon (Philippine Animation Festival) in November 2013, and the 30th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) in May 2014 where Arre was awarded the Linda Mabalot New Directors/New Visions Award. We can look forward to Milkyboy in DVDs to be sold at the Summer Komikon 2015. You can check out the trailer here.
For the fans wondering if any of his komiks would be translated into the small or big screen as a live action or animated version? The Philippine film industry doesn’t seem interested in it but if an indie group would approach him he would be open to talks about it.
Times with the fans:

I got to meet some of the comic book fans I only got to chat on-line.

A sample of Arnold Arre’s work as part of a collection.

Danry Sequitin Ocampo, the owner of the drawing above, from the Trese FB group that I often chat with, great to finally meet you!

Arnold Arre in action, as he does a sketch of yours truly, Fangirl’s dream.
Since I already have a copy of the Anino print of Mythology Class, I bought Trip to Tagaytay.
Thank you Nautilus Comics for a great event and of course the swag.

I am so glad the Pinoy Komik industry is on the rise again. I specially enjoy reading about heroes, characters and settings closer to home, easily relatable, staring at the beautiful artworks and celebrate the culture and talent that is inately Filipino. If you are interested in Komiks, you can attend the Komikons held twice a years (usually AprilĀ and November), to witness the rich Philippine Komiks industry.

Who is your favorite Komik character?

Learn more about Arnold Arre’s work:

Check out: Nautilus Comics


Until next time Sweeties!
Muah! joeydragonlady

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