Food Review: Create your Own Sisig at Sisig Society


Hello Sweeties!

Sisig is one of my beasties favorite dishes. This is one reason we decided to go in search for a unique sisig experience. We found a unique Sisig Resto at Eastwood City Walk 1 called Sisig Society. It is not really hard to find, you just have to follow the crowd of students going in that direction.

wpid-photogrid_1427726411130.jpgDisplayed Menu outside. My beasties did not linger to check these out because it was scotching out. I thought this menu was pretty simple and to the point. You get a nice selection of Sisig that the store designed themselves or you can opt to create your own.

When you enter the shop you will notice the counter right away. It is a small store but with comfortable booths, tables and chairs. The decoration is has the funky pop look to it. Their service is fast because all they need to do is to assemble the sisig, put it on a hot plate.

At first the beasties and I wanted to try a new flavored sisig but then, they were too hungry to wait so they opted to for the pre selected sisig from their menu.

wpid-photogrid_1427727309176.jpgFor Raffy she decided on Garlic Shroom 149php. 

The smell was heavenly, with nice generous garlic bits.


For myself and my son Jarod, we had the Diablo Sisig 149php. 

They gave us the option to make it spicier with the sili (Native Philippine pepper), but I opted  not to have it so my son can enjoy it as is. just enough spice for my 13 year old palette.


For dessert we had the Classic Scramble 59php.  This reminds me of the scramble I used to enjoy while in Grade School. image Beasties having their sisig, the photo on top showed them as seriously starving but they are content after the meal.

My beasties enjoyed the our lunch, I would have like it if the sisig was actually freshly prepared and sizzling, I would have liked that they had a better selection of dessert but they are a new restaurant after all. I am actually picky that way.

On the other hand, they had excellent service.  The turn over of customers is really quick. The staff were perky, smiling and attentive. Next time we visit, we will try their create your own sisig. Since it is priced at 169php just a 20php difference from their pre set sisig. Or we could try out their sisig pasta, nachos, tacos and rice snack at 99php You can actually go crazy with your choices! Not that I will of course.

Sisig Society:
Opens from 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Check out Sisig Society`s FB account:

Until next time!



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