Event: Our Muni Market Day Experience


Beasties posing in front of the Tent

Hello Sweeties!

What do you usually do during the weekends? Well, when I don`t have a blogging commitment I tend to spend a lot of time with my beasties. You can with the photo posted above that both of them are in teenagers and I tend to have a hard time coaxing one the other to accompany me anywhere.

It makes me really happy that they agreed to come with me to check out the Muni Market Day at Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

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#PerksofaBella : Best Tasting Fro-yo from Red Mango

Hello Sweeties!

I love Fro-yo (Frozen Yogurt), and whenever I have a craving for a bowl I usually head to Red Mango for my fix. You may ask why this is so, since there are a lot of Fro-yo shops in malls these days. Well it is Belle de Jour Power Planner`s fault really.

Why? Read on.

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Foodie Review: Comfort Food and French Ambiance at Green Pigs Kitchen


Hello Sweeties!

If you enjoy tea and like having an excellent yet affordable meals surrounded with the cutest tea sets, I know just the place for you.


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Event: Taco Bell`s “Live Más” Store at Gateway Cubao

taco1 Hello Sweeties!

I really love the Mexican food, I enjoy at least one Mex meal a week and my go to place is Taco Bell.  I wrote about their new menu last year when I was invited by my Zomato Family to try it out, you can read about it here.

I am happy to be invited again, this time for the opening of their first “Live Más” Store in South East Asia.

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Event: Progress Pre-School GOLD Multiple Intelligence the Real Measure of Success


Hello Sweeties!

The time has come to explore and recognize the different forms of intelligences to help children achieve the most success.


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Press Release: Get Energized with the Chocolatier Taste of Milo

Hello Sweeties!

MILO has always been a favorite among children. Generation after generation have grown up with MILO, and can easily recognize its unique flavor. But have you ever wondered what makes MILO so delicious?
MILO’s distinct Chocomaltee flavor from a combination of malted barley, milk powder, sugar and cocoa, coupled with the goodness of ACTIGEN-E, a unique combination of vitamins and minerals which help to optimize release of sustained energy from food, is what makes is what makes it special. Children love the goodness of the Chocomaltee taste from a glass of MILO that gives them the energy essential in an active lifestyle.

Until next time!


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Food Review: Create your Own Sisig at Sisig Society


Hello Sweeties!

Sisig is one of my beasties favorite dishes. This is one reason we decided to go in search for a unique sisig experience. We found a unique Sisig Resto at Eastwood City Walk 1 called Sisig Society. It is not really hard to find, you just have to follow the crowd of students going in that direction.

wpid-photogrid_1427726411130.jpgDisplayed Menu outside. My beasties did not linger to check these out because it was scotching out. I thought this menu was pretty simple and to the point. You get a nice selection of Sisig that the store designed themselves or you can opt to create your own.

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Product Review: Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle

Hello Sweeties!

I was pretty late in getting a sample of Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle, in fact I thought I won`t be able to try it because, I missed out getting any of the samples from various sites, that is until EverydayMe! from P&G.


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Feature: Yummy Milo Recipes**


Hello Sweeties!

As a child I have consumed gallons of Milo growing up. Now my children specially my football playing Raffy always have a small sachet of Milo on hand to just pour on a hot mug of water or consume as is (pinapapak) when she feels the need for chocolate fix.

For over 50 years, leading beverage brand MILO has been warming the hearts and tummies of children from generations of Filipino families. With every cup brimming with energy-giving nutrients and the classic Chocomaltee flavor that Filipinos love, MILO has become a familiar mainstay in the breakfast table as the favorite drink in the morning for kids and adults alike. Continue reading

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Event: Yummy Diet Fitness Party

imageHello Sweeties!

I am a carnivore I admit, I over indulged the past years I focused on indulging my taste buds. But whenever I look at myself I see and feel that I need to shape up or at least try to eat healthier.

This is the reason why I was very excited to attend Yummy Diet Fitness Party Bloggers Exclusive at Active Fun, Bonifacio Global City, I am thankful to Zomatoph for selecting me as one of their bloggers for this event.

For those unfamiliar, Yummy Diet is a diet delivery service based in Metro Manila, unlike the other diet meal services, Yummy Diet boast the widest coverage among all the diet delivery services, They now deliver in certain parts of Rizal and selected areas in the South!  This is good news for me since I never get to taste test or try out these healthy option menus because I live in the Rizal area and therefore out of their coverage area. Fingers crossed that Yummy Diet`s delivery area is along my area of Antipolo.
imageI was given a their official work out shirt as I register for the event. The venue is pretty large, large enough for a number of participants to work out.

They also had great booths were you can check out products and services related to Fitness, Health and Wellness:

Nyogi: Pure coconut water
Fruit Magic: The fastest way to fit a fit lifestyle
The Function Rooms: Making meeting & events easy
Happy Wife Happy Life sa TV5
GoldPress Juicing Co. by Yummy Diet and Fruit Magic
Nestle Non-Fat Milk Hi-Calcium
YogaPlus for Every Body
Organic Basket: Made with the purest ingredients
Pascual Creamy Delight: Pasteurized yogurt
Growers Nutribar
Growers: Love it so munch
Green Stevia: The all-natural sugar substitute
Gold Leaf Tea: The tea for you
Curves Philippines: Strengthening Women
Swish Alcohol-Free
Beauty & Butter: Your ultimate beauty pampering destination
MNLPOP: Deliciously made in Manila
Zomato Philippines: Discover great places to eat around you
Slimmers World International: The ultimate in slimming, health, fitness and beauty
Summit Drinking Water: Thirst for more
Smart: Live more

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