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I am moving to a New and Better Home! Follow Me!

Hello Sweeties! I am moving… just my domain. From my former blog at to Thank you for being part of my world. Hope you can follow me as I move and improve my blog. Muah!

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#FreeComicBookDay2015 Bayan Beasties`First Free Comic Book Day

Hello Sweeties! I love komiks, I learned to love reading because I grew up being encouraged to read comic books by both my Mom and Dad. This year I took my beasties to attend their first Free Comic Book Day … Continue reading

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Making Scents: Downy Pays Tribute to Mothers on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother`s Day to all the Moms, would be Moms and those who have not actually given birth but play the “role” of Mom to their families!!! Last week, my daughter Raffy and I were invited to attend a gathering … Continue reading

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Press Release: Dermplus Launches Two New Products for Summer**

Hello Sweeties! Joining the skincare family of Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock are the two newest products to best accompany individuals this summer. The Dermplus Invisilite SunblockSpray and Dermplus AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel.   Invisible Sunblock and Dermplus AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel.   A new suncare product comes in the form of Dermplus Invisilite Sunblock Spray. It’s invisible on the skin … Continue reading

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Foodie Review: Comfort Food and French Ambiance at Green Pigs Kitchen

Hello Sweeties! If you enjoy tea and like having an excellent yet affordable meals surrounded with the cutest tea sets, I know just the place for you.

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Product Review: Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle

Hello Sweeties! I was pretty late in getting a sample of Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle, in fact I thought I won`t be able to try it because, I missed out getting any of the samples from various sites, … Continue reading

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Feature: Yummy Milo Recipes**

Hello Sweeties! As a child I have consumed gallons of Milo growing up. Now my children specially my football playing Raffy always have a small sachet of Milo on hand to just pour on a hot mug of water or … Continue reading

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Food Review: Caviar Cheesecake Taster from Cheesrlecake by Guy

Originally posted on Dragon Chatter:
Hello Sweeties! I always had the impression that caviar as part of an appetizer from fine dinning restaurants, Caviar gives the impression of luxury and wealth. I thought you can only find it in high…

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Review: Sanuk Hydbrid of Shoe and Sandal (Donna Mixed Up)

Hello Sweeties! How has your week been? I want to apologize for the virtual non-posting. My internet connection is shoddy. PLDTHomeBro service is bad. But I digress, I juat want to share my love for these very special pair of … Continue reading

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Event: Nuturing Giftedness For a New Generation

Hello Sweeties! The world has long been fascinated by prodigies—gifted kids whose accomplishments at such a young age, shed light to a child’s inherent talent, intellect and precocity. In the Philippines, perhaps no other personalities represent the concept and reality … Continue reading

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