#PerksofaBella : Best Tasting Fro-yo from Red Mango

Hello Sweeties!

I love Fro-yo (Frozen Yogurt), and whenever I have a craving for a bowl I usually head to Red Mango for my fix. You may ask why this is so, since there are a lot of Fro-yo shops in malls these days. Well it is Belle de Jour Power Planner`s fault really.

Why? Read on.


Medium Green Tea Fro-yo with Cheesecake, Blueberries and Strawberries

Belle de Jour Power Planner has always spoiled us Bellas with these fantastic coupons, the food coupons with the discounts and the freebies are my favorite. I usually use up my food coupons during the first quarter of the year.



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2 Responses to #PerksofaBella : Best Tasting Fro-yo from Red Mango

  1. Aw man. This is what I miss with the Belle De Jour Power Planner. Back when I was still in the Philippines, I used to enjoy the planner itself + the bonus coupons.




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