Event: Taco Bell`s “Live Más” Store at Gateway Cubao

taco1 Hello Sweeties!

I really love the Mexican food, I enjoy at least one Mex meal a week and my go to place is Taco Bell.  I wrote about their new menu last year when I was invited by my Zomato Family to try it out, you can read about it here.

I am happy to be invited again, this time for the opening of their first “Live Más” Store in South East Asia.

wpid-photogrid_1428398152827.jpgWhat is “Live Más”?

Live Más in English means live more

With Taco Bell Philippines new look and wide array of Mexican dishes. Promising MÁS FLAVOR with the new twists on Mexican food, MÁS HEART as Taco Bell goes the extra mile in serving their customers and MÁS VALUE in serving the best quality food at prices our customers love.

You can tell at a glance they made a lot of changes to the store. It`s still located in the same place, at the Ground Floor of Gateway Hall in Cubao but the similarity ends there.


The order counter is closer to the entrance

As you enter their store, you are greeted by their counter that is located at the left side of the store, their kitchen is open so you can peek at how your food is prepared and how fresh their ingredients are.


Open Kitchen


Check out these booths! They have sockets perfect for young professionals and students for their meetings/school projects

They have booths that will cater to family, tables and chairs for the student and high bar tables with actual electrical outlets and FREE Wifi for every order. For me this set up is perfect for students or young professionals finishing a project or homework. If I were a student, young professionals or just someone that need Free Wifi…coz who does`t right need Wifi? Taco Bell would be the perfect place to be.  The meals are not as pricy as the numerous coffee shops with the same set up, although the down side would be that Taco Bell would only be open during mall hours.

Taco Bell, has open its doors to the same concept. Encouraging people to stay longer, to hang out hence feel at home.

The store is roomier, more open, from outside with Taco Bell`s new clear glass windows, let you peak inside the store. It has the a hip feel to it. To make it more attractive to young professionals and students.


I like that everything that involves “service” is located at the left side and the diners to the right. The facade of the store is clean, well-lit and the perfect place to hang out with family, friends or colleagues.


Taco Bell treats: Grilled Stuffed Burrito, Crunchy Taco, Rice Meal, Churros, Chocodella, Bucket of Nachos in a bucket

I have been a fan of Taco Bell since I was a kid and I am glad that Taco Bell Philippines have retained the same flavors that I love along side new creations like their rice meals, made perfect for the Filipino taste. I have also become addicted to their Nachos, you just can’t stop with just one! I confess, I am guilty of having consumed buckets of these. I am also happy that they now have sweets in their menu. Although, I am a bit sad that they don`t have the bottomless drinks anymore.


Thank you Taco Bell Philippines for the invitation to check out your new California hip Live Más Store, one of their first and I know it will not be their last one, word is Taco Bell is headed South!  So watch out for it.

What are you guys waiting for? Visit the new Taco Bell Live Más branch in Gateway.

Check out Taco Bell Phl: https://www.facebook.com/tacobellPHL/
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tacobellphl
Follow their Instagram: https://instagram.com/tacobellphl

Until next time!



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1 Response to Event: Taco Bell`s “Live Más” Store at Gateway Cubao

  1. Kyaru says:

    I LOVE Taco Bell! Ahhh, and they’re coming Southwards, towards my wallet – I mean, to me! Can’t wait ^.^

    – kyaruandbunnies.wordpress.com

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