Food Review: Caviar Cheesecake Taster from Cheesrlecake by Guy

Dragon Chatter

Hello Sweeties!

I always had the impression that caviar as part of an appetizer from fine dinning restaurants, Caviar gives the impression of luxury and wealth. I thought you can only find it in high class hotels in Manila and Makati. I was wrong. Cheesecakes by Guy a small relatively new restaurant in Eastwood Mall has it available.

The easiest way to get to Cheesecakes by Guy is to ride the escalator up to the 2nd floor from outside the mall, and you will see this standee at the front. I guess they don’t just serve cheesecake. The place has a French air about it.

The interior is small, cozy and intimate. Not really a place to linger for long. There are tables outside if you want to dine out although other than the smokers I doubt if anyone would want to diner outside in this heat.

I was surprised…

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