Food Review: Hanamaruken (TriNoma)

Hello Sweeties!

One of my favorite kind of meal when I am in a hurry is a rice bowl or what Raffy likes to call rice topping. This is what I like about Hanamaruken.

This resturant started out as a shop as one run by butchers in Japan, this means they only deal with the best cuts of meat.

The interior is roomy, minimal with comfortable table and chairs typical of the classic Japanese diners, wooden benches and tables.

During lunch time the place is filles with people, so I usually dine there at an off peak time, around past 1PM.
Gyoza 150php for 10 pcs. It is not just the steamed but also roasted lightly. One of the best gyozas I have ever tasted for the price. The wrapper is thin and the filling has a nice balance of meat and veggies.
Drunken Man’s Rice Bowl 245php with Iced Green Tea 80php
Kankuni with Fried Egg with Rice. This is not the first meal I had here but I liked this one best, you can tell that it is spicier than most rice bowls with the chili bits liberally topped. I liked that flavors blended really well, the pork was very crunchy each bite was very heavenly, combined with the Iced Green Tea makes for a very satisfying meal.

What I enjoyed about dining at Hanamaruken:

** the quiet ambiance of the place
** the attentive staff
** the awesome food, I like that the menu is not as extensive. I am not overwelmed by the selection.

Whenever I am craving for food that will wake me up, Hanamaruken is my go to place.

What is your favorite Japanese dish?

Learn more about Hanamaruken:

Until next time!


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2 Responses to Food Review: Hanamaruken (TriNoma)

  1. Matromao says:

    Drunken Man’s Bowl is so satisfying. I love when I’m served the gooey egg yolks that become sauce for the rice. ❤

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