Food Review: ChuBBies Qcina Cafe, Lilac Street Marikina

Hello Sweeties!

I decided to make a series about the diners I go to whenever my kids and I are in the Lilac Street Area, or Lilac Chronicles. Raffy and I decided to visit ChuBBies Qcina Cafe situated near Forget Me Not near the Racho gate. I went there on the recommendation of fellow Mommy Blogger Armi, also a Antipolo Resident.
It has at the electric feel, maybe because of the way the diner is decorated with items from the owner`s travels abroad.
ChuBBies is a fairly large diner with a al fresco/ smoking area near the front parking. A sliding store separates these areas to the main dining area.

Quesadillas: I really liked the mixtures is superb. Whether you are a cheese, sour cream or salsa person. 135php

Bacon and Mushroom Pizza 185php Similar to a home made pizza that reminds me of the Lots of Pizza. Not oily with generous topping, 10 inches, the bacon is burnt and not crispy enough.

Spaghetti Ala Bolognese 149php, I was pretty bummed after tasting their spaghetti since it was ordinary.  I do like the bread that came with it.

Chicken Alfredo 185php Large serving but the sauce is not as creamy as I expected and the topping a bit burt. A disappointment as well.

I really felt bad, that the dishes we ordered were not up to snuff, until the drinks came.

They were not kidding when they said it was a large mug, it was.

Iced Chocnut 120php in that huge mug, with great big bits of Chocnut on top.

Iced Choco Chips and Cream 120php.  Raffy was happy with this large beer glasss, filled with chocolate goodness!

Blueberry Cheesecake 135php One of their best sellers, Raffy and I split this between is since I felt after having the Iced Chocnut I had my fill of sweets. It is really good. Baked and not jello.

I was pretty sad about our Italian selection from ChuBBies QcinA was not as tasty as I imagined it would be but the day was saved by the collective sweet stuff they served.

I was planning on taking my family here for Raffy`s Catholic Confirmation Dinner but I was so disappointed with this visit I opted to have it elsewhere.

Maybe I will return to ChuBBies with the kiddies in tow but I know better than to order from the Italian Menu, perhaps their best selling rice meals next time.

Raffy holding her humungus mug of Iced Cold Cookies and Cream Frappe. She is not worried about calories, being all young and athletic. (I am not bitter.) At least we went come filled with these sweet stuff.

Check out ChuBBies QcinA Cafe`s Facebook Page :

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4 Responses to Food Review: ChuBBies Qcina Cafe, Lilac Street Marikina

  1. Matromao says:

    Food looks terrifically sulit. Glad to see that Marikina is quickly becoming popular for food-trippers. 🙂

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