Milk Cow: Korea’s Organic Milk and Honey Ice Cream Opens in Eastwood

image Hello Sweeties!

I love all things Korean. It is a love affair that began with my first Kdrama obsession You’re Beautiful ( : 미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo) in 2009. Since then I have gone on a personal journey to learn more about Korea’s rich culture, from the cosmetics and skin care to the music, (became a fan of the boy group Super Junior aka Suju). As part of my foray into all Korean, I tried their cuisine. I was very happy to get an invitation to the launch of the Korean dessert cafe Milk Cow in Eastwood.

image Short ceremony for the opening of the newest and one of the unique soft serve ice cream in the Philippines. If you are a lover of sweets but in search for a healtier option, Milk Cow is a great alternative because their soft serve ice cream is organic, and you have a great selection of toppings including natural honey comb! Launched in late 2013, Milk Cow took Korea by storm. To date they have 50 branches in South Korea and is open in Japan, Malaysia and now the Philippines. According to Seann Tan, President of Milk Cow Philippines, his family loved the taste of the ice cream they had in Korea, and knowing Pinoys love sweets, he feels it will be a hit because you don’t get tired even after one cup. image Cozy tables and chairs inside the store in case you want to dine in. image image Front counter image The selection of Ice Cream combinations to choose from and you can never stop at trying just one!image The yummy toppings on display.   Those are ACTUAL honey combs.  Colorful and flavored macaroons are on display as well.

image Honey Comb variant, was the very first one I tried out.  The soft served organic ice cream just melts completely on my mouth and combined with the honey comb makes it a very light on the pallet. image
Macao Dream became my favorite variant. The ice cream is topped with your choice of macaroon and almond bits.

image Cotton Candy Variant, the cotton candy is not the usual air filled one but solid and very tastyimage Adorable Noa, of Glaiza, Mommy Musing loves the ice cream. Here is just started with the Cookies and Cream Variant.imageKoreans also love their coffee, and Milk Cow serves nothing but the best Italian coffee beans that is sure to satisfy your caffeine fix. Guests can enjoy their espresso, mocha, latte and mocha with organic milk and natural. Milk Cow also serves hot chocolate that is perfect for the current chilly weather.

Other items on their menu are the macaroons you can purchase per piece, and the croissants which guests can get with a variety of spreads like apple cinnamon cream cheese and parmesan basil chicken.

image Parmisan Basil Chicken Spread Croissant, the spread is very generous. The croissant very filling and a great snack if you are on the go.image Pepperoni Pizza Spread Croissant,  my daughter loves this since she is a pizza lover.

If you are in the Eastwood area and in search for something new, sweet and healthy to eat try Milk Cow. Fair warning, MilkCow is addicting. Be warned.

Milk Cow is open from 10am – 12mn and is located at the Ground Floor of Eastwood Mall, across California Pizza Kitchen and Mr. Kurosawa.

image With Mommy Bloggers Philippines Glaiza and Kaity

To learn more about Milk Cow, check out their Facebook page at
Check out their Instagram : @milkcowph

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