Food Review: Pinac Heirloom Capampagan Cooking at UP Town Center plus a peek at Supreme Business Solutions Products


Hello Sweeties!

I was invited by fellow blogger to attend a very unique event, a combination food tasting and launch for a new beauty brand. I don’t frequent the UP Town Center although it is accessible but very out of the way. I was plesantly surprised to find that the area has grown since I was last there.


Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine located at the 2nd floor UP Town Center, is one of the new restos located at this buzzling new shopping haven. Pinac interiors are bright with white and blue walls, high back chairs that gives you comfortable homey atmosphere.


Great selection of Pinoy comfort food found in Pinac.


Apperizer Sampler: Crispy Hito Balls, Mustasa, Lumpiang Ubod Taquitos, Onion Rings, Buro and Thousand Island Dressing


Crispy Hito Balls, Mustasa, and Buro This is one of the dishes I found unique and worth going back to. They suggested I wrap the ball in the leaf, add a bit of buro and dip with vinaigrette, the Pinac version of a Korean veggie wrap. A very nice treat.


Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon sa Miso. The warm sour broth was so comforting and reminded me a lot of my bestfriend’s Ima Sinigang. She is Kapampanga too and when I go visit her. Seasoned with just the right sourness to wake and warm me up as I ready for the other Pinac dishes.


Pinac’s Crispy Pata. Sinful and decadent.  The crispy, crunchy and perfectly seasoned pork rind/skin need only the light touch of my fork for it to fall off. I have to say I gave in the the call of this forbidden dish. It was just to good to pass up.


Beef Kare-Kare, I confess, I am a Kare-kare lover. If there was any dish served at any new resto, I would try the Kare-kare out first. This heavenly dish is served with fresh vegetables, my main focus in all the Kare-kare dishes I try out. No bottled peanuts for them, They actually  grind their own peanuts to make this wonderful sauce.


Sweet satisfying dessert of  Suman, Manga at Tskolate.

I love the contrast of the slight sour-sweet mango the chocolate and the suman. This unique combination gave me pause at first but after several spoonfuls, I was in -love.


The food was excellent,  I also love the paintings displayed on their walls. It gives Pinac the light cheerful feel. I would probably bring my friends here to try every single thing on the menu. Lol

Like I mentioned earlier, this event is not just about trying out the menu of Pinac but also the launch of the new Pinoy Beauty and Wellness brand Supreme Business Solutions.

Jeffrey Geraldo Pelayo the owner of Pinac is also the President of Supreme Business Solutions, mentioned that Supreme Business Solutions offers 10 unique ways to earn and achieve financial freedom. 

A direct selling company that boast a wide variety of beauty, health and wellness products. they are the first company that bought Garcinia Cambogia to the Philippines. All their products are tested and FDA approved! More about Supreme and their products in my blog soon!


Supreme was very generous, all the attendees were given their premier products to try out along with the Elite Member Package! Being a Beauty Blogger, I am personally intrigued with the Like a Virgin Soap and the Dead Sea Salt Scrub. I will be posting my reviews in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Attendees of the Event with the Supreme Business Solution Group

Attendees of the Event with the Supreme Business Solution Group, photo from the Supreme Business Solutions FB page

It was such a fruitful event. Great food and awesome products to try out.

To know more about Supreme Business Solutions like their Facebook Page:

Follow them on Instagram: @weare_supreme

Follow them on Twitter: @ weare_supreme

To check out Pinac like their Facebook page:

Pinac Heirloom Capampangan Cuisine
2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave.,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

What is your favorite Pinoy dish?

Until next time!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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