Food Review: Ristorante Bigoli


Hello Sweeties!

My bestfriends and I had a late dinner at TriNoma and we wanted to have pasta. It has been a while since we actually got together and we wanted a nice meal while we chatted.

I must make it clear, that we went to this restaurant specifically because we wanted to dine somewhere different. It was past 8pm, this branch closes at 11pm.

Although it was not bad, it wasn’t that great either. I was told because of the lateness they only had the meat stromboli left and it was arranged so haphazardly that it doesn’t look appetizing at all.

SAMPLE PASTA Plate. With the plate arrange this way I can’t really tell which is what. The sauces all got mixed up in the end it wasn’t sampler anymore just mixed pasta with the same sauce.
Pesto looks a bit sad.
Turtle Pie I was hoping this would be the saving grace of the entire menu but alas it was not the baked kind that I usually enjoy but the flan like and a tad bland. Between the three of us we didn’t finish it.


This just makes me a bit sad. Although this is supposed to be a family restaurant, the food leaves a lot to be desired. I know we got there almost closing time but that doesn’t mean the diners should suffer due to the sad quality of the food.  To be fair to the servers, they were really helpful and accommodating, the place clean and well maintained, that is a plus but I doubt we will ever return there to dine, I don’t go to a restaurant for the ambiance and service, but that is a plus. I go back for the food, and Ristorante Bigoli just doesn’t cut it for me.

*** This is a personal review and all the opinions expressed here are my own.

Until next time sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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2 Responses to Food Review: Ristorante Bigoli

  1. ronnie says:

    nice food and nice place to eat


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