Taco Bell Zomato Foodie Meet Up

Hello Sweeties!

I have always been a fan of Mexican food. When I think of a quick fix to my Mexican food craving I think about Taco Bell.

Flassssh baccck!

I first tasted Taco Bell when I was a kid, I was spending my last two weeks of summer at Subic Bay Airbase at the time US territory, my uncle a US Navy service man wanted me to learn to speak English with an accent (don’t ask me why) and had me hang out Navy brats all day, yep then had Taco Bell and Pizza Hut waaay back inside the Subic. I came back from that vacation with the taste for Taco Bell burritos and chocolate milk shake and the American accent.

End of flashback!

I was very happy when Taco Bell finally came to Manila in 2004. I headed to their Gateway branch. It has been 14 years since they first opened in Manila but they keep adding to their menus to please the Pinoy taste buds.

Zomato Philippines and Taco Bell gathered 30 bloggers at the Gateway -Express branch to enjoy the new items in their menu!

Tumblers for all the Foodie Bloggers, I love the color!

Bucket Nachos as our appetizer as we waited their new product. This is about the size of a large bucket of popcorn and a better alternative if you love Nachos and of course cheese. One chip is never enough!

This is their new product offering from Taco Bell


Classic Taco with Chili Cheese Potato Griller

This set with a taco and a regular drink and your choice of meaty grillers 149php. But you can also get their griller ala cart (on it’s own at 85php). I enjoyed this meal a lot. It is so filling. The corn taco shell is crunchy, the meat and cheese generous, and the greens still very fresh. The Chilli Cheese Potato Griller is new on their menu but enjoyed that it has all the stuff I want in a light meal. Cheese, Potato and Chilli, lol. Chilli beef, jalapeno cheese and potato balls wrapped in a soft tortilla bread. It not as spicy as I thought so even my kids will enoy this since they love the beef, cheese and potato combi too. You can add hot sauce to this if like me you prefer your beef blazing.

Pork Steak 'N Onion

Pork Steak ‘N Onion

if you are a lover of pig/ pork like my hubsy this will be a great choice, juice pork meat with rice and caramelized onions is just the perfect meal on its own. And because it has rice just this wrap and perhaps their iced tea will get you through lunch and maybe up to merienda time (snack).

It was a great food tasting for a Taco Bell fan like me. I also enjoyed the games and raffle Zon
Zomato and Taco Bell has prepared for us Zomans. My only regret is I am unable to visit Taco Bell everyday, since they only have 3 branches. But I was promised that they will be expanding soon!
You can check out their Holiday Grade Meals for two!

With Ms Maki of Taco Bell

with Taco Bell Food Express Gateway Manager and the cute mascot


Zomato Foodies all smiles for this class photo

Raffy with her take out griller from Taco Bell
My Zomato and Taco Bell swag!

Thank you ZomatoPh and Taco Bell for inviting me to try out the new products!
Taco Bell Philippines now has three stores located at the G/F and 3rd Level of Gateway Mall, Food Express of Gateway Mall and 2nd Level Trinoma, Quezon City.

To learn more about Taco Bell: http://www.facebook.com/tacobellphilippines

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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