Food Review: Romantic Dinning with a Touch of History at Marikina City’s Patio Vera

Hello Sweeties!
I have been wandering around the City of Marikina for several years, I find the city very upbeat, clean and it is a haven for foodies like me (See my post about Lilac Street).

Thanks to Open Rice, Asia`s  Premier Dinning Guide.  I found myself at an unfamiliar area in the city to try out some well known dishes of the history filled Patio Vera. Located in the inner streets of Calumpang, Patio Vera, a former ancestral home/shoe factory turned into a romantic local for couples and families.

It boast alfresco dinning experience with garden chairs, benches and a canopy, indoor dinning  with the architectural design that takes you back in time with wooden antiques, frames, vintage appliances that reminds me a lot of classic film Oro Plata Mata, the place will take you back in time.

The dishes I tried after the break

The dishes they served were all classic Philippine Cuisine, serving us a little of everything.


Mixed Seafood Soup

Mixed Seafood Suam na Mais

A very hearty and filling soup, filled with clams, squid and shrimp and sweet fresh corn. I can dine on just this soup and be happy.


Puso ng Saging sa Gata

Puso ng Saging sa Gata

Sautéed puso ng saging shrimp in coconut cream




I liked a lot of spice in my dish, I admit these just had a slight kick.


Beef Steak

Beef Steak

The beef is so tender! If I didn`t know better I`d think it`s Angus Beef!

All in one Meal


Paella de Mariscos

Otherwise known as Seafood Paella, I only ever tried a seafood paella made in by a Spanish chef who is very particular about authentic Valencian Taste, this one is its equal.


Longganisa Carbonara

Longganisa Carbonara

The lone pasta dish in the bunch but I assure you it is not out of place. My children loves Pasta, and this has become one of the dishes I had a second serving of. I also think that the bread they served with this is very fresh.



Pork Humba

My brother in-law is from the Visayas and he makes a mean Pork Humba but they don`t use soy sauce but with Patio Vera`s Humba uses soy anise broth.


Marikina City`s version of meatloaf /embotido.



Dory fillet sautéed in garlic, onion and ginger with lychee and light tomato sauce.


Classic Kare-kare

Classic Kare-kare

One of my top picks from their menu and is one of their bestsellers. The freshest vegetables, which is my favorite part of this dish.

Paired with all the Dishes

Plain Rice

Plain Rice


Fried Halo-halo

Fried Halo-halo

This is actually turon with langka (jackfruit), ube, banana, red mongo, macapuno and topped with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with chocolate sauce. Such a heavenly combination.

Tres Leche Cake

Tres Leches

I love this cake! Soft and melts into my mouth, not too sweet.

Grandma`s Chocolate Cake

Grandma`s Chocolate Cake

Chocolate bar turned into a cake.

My drink of choice:

Bailey`s Frappe

Bailey`s Frappe

My drink of choice, although they have an extensive wine list as well, I wanted something with caffeine in it.

We also got to try a nice selection of Cap`Mundo Artisan Espresso that comes in those cute capsules. More on that soon.

Cozy table for two

Cozy table for two

Such a romantic place to dine, my hubsy and I plan on making a reservation here as soon as he returns. This table is perfect for us.

A haven for foodies, a great place for vintage lovers, the perfect place to have a dinner with your special someone.

Patio Vera has virtually no parking space so, I suggest you make a reservation, arrive early or commute via tricycle or cab to get there.

#70 Gen. F. Santos St., Calumpang, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 239 0615 / 09153399972 / 09263065313
Operating hours: Mon-Thu 3pm to 12mn / Fri-Sat 11am to 1am / Sun 11am to 11pm

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