Event: Bloggers Paradise at Blogapalooza2014

Hello Sweeties!

With the postponement of the first scheduled Blogapalooza2014 last September, let`s just say my excitement for this event increased then folds.  For my first Blogapalooza I flew solo this time because Raffy had her football training. I was stoked and curious about the event. Of course I also know I will see some Blogger friends there as well.

I came early since I had to leave early. Provinciana ini! It was a good thing. The boothes just opened and there were no lines.

Fair warning for you sweeties, this post is photo heavy.


I got my name event pass! Yay!


Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and his son.

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet is one of the organizers of Blogapalooza2014. This is the 2nd time I met him, since he also did a talk about blogging for BDJ Rendezvous. I called him by his first name when I asked for a selfie. He was very nice.



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4 Responses to Event: Bloggers Paradise at Blogapalooza2014

  1. So glad to see you there even if we were not able to really chat! Look at that haul! It really was a blast, right? See you next year?

  2. Pat says:

    Too bad I wasn’t able to catch you! I went late afternoon. Maybe next time! 😀

    • I was wandering and meeting bloggers. I left early because I was afraid to get stuck in traffic. Are you attending the BDJ Fair? I will be there early coz Raffy will be participating in one of the activities.

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