Food Review: Casa Feliz

Hello Sweeties!

Raffy’s service broke down and I ended up fetching her and since we were in the Marikina area, I decided that we can have dinner at Lilac Street.

Casa Feliz, located behind China Bank at Lilac is a garden resturant and is open air. It has been raining the past few days so it is oretty humid, they do have large electric fans to keep the clients cool.
Raffy and I found a table at the middle of the diner. There were a few diners inside, Somehow it place reminds me of a place my friends in University like to hang out to drink. Tent set up. Raffy decided to have Pasta.
For 180php, we were served half order of Nacho as appetizer. For a half order it is pretty large and good for at least 3-4. They used fresh vegetables, the nachos thin and crunchy with just the right spice. They served a seperate dip with it but the salsa was ice cold and the cheese not so cheesey. I suggest you either have this as is. Raffy and I liked it that way.
The Aligue Pasta 165php, tasted ok, I was expecting a lot considering it was one of the unique pastas on the menu.
Raffy had her usual Carbonara 135php, which she enjoyed. it was a large serving and very creamy.
We split the Vida Verde Tea slice 120php, which is their best seller and for me, made the trip to Casa Feliz worth it. A sans rival cake with green tea and whipped cream, with just the right sweetness and perfect for sharing.
Casa Feliz, is a place where you have a selection from their menu from Rice meals, Pastas, Pizza, I also heard that their Tapis is also great, they serve variety of alcoholic drinks and also non alcoholic ones. Since it is open air, they could also accomodate smokers and very large groups.

Casa Feliz is open from 7am-11pm daily. For details call 933.66.53

Until next time sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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2 Responses to Food Review: Casa Feliz

  1. acigirl says:

    gusto ko yung mga ganyang place πŸ™‚ and carbonara is my favorite πŸ˜€

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