Review: Fitflop Sunny in French Navy

Hello Sweeties!

I should have done this a long time ago. This is not exactly a surprise but duh, I am a woman and I love shoes, all shapes and form but mostly I like sporty and comfortable ones. In purchasing a pair, comfort for me is number one. I am at an age where I really care if I can still walk after an hour of standing in a pair. But that is just me.

I will start with my newly acquired SUNNY Fitflop my hubsy bought. They are basically slip-ons, I wear them without socks.
You’ll notice I have really small feet. Yep, smaller than Raffy, she wears a 7 1/2. Lol. The Fitflop Sunny comes in 6 other colors. I am partial to French Navy/blue, I will end up wearing these shoes often and it would suit most if not all my casual outfits. I do think these type of footwear look better when I wear a skirt or shorts.
Fitflop details on the side, the material is made of very thick canvass.
This Microwobbleboard Technology helps defuse underfoot pressure, absorbs shock and helps relieve joint stress. You will know, once you tried wearing one of these all day what the rave is all about coz it really works.
I also like the red detail design on the back. Really cute.

What I really like about them other than they being fashionable, they are very comfortable, my feet are really happy.
Check out these really thick soles. I really like that all Fitflop designs and I am happy my hubsy decided to get these for me. A aquintance saw them and askes if they wear heavy. They are not. They have the feel of their Due design (ballerina type) only this pair where not hell on my ankles. (Lobg story).
If you are in the market for casual and comfortable footwear, Fitflop would be the footwear for you. To be honest it is pricy but if you are going to use it almost everyday. Price doesn’t really matter, or so I keep saying to myself. A pair of Sunny Fitflop cost 4290php or less than 100$.

My husband bought this pair for me in the Middle East. You can purchase a pair at Res Toe Run and FitFlops in leading malls Nationwide.

Wear the Shoes Rule the World!

What are your favorite casual shoes?

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

*** I was not compensated for this review, and the opinion I wrote here are my own.

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7 Responses to Review: Fitflop Sunny in French Navy

  1. Pat says:

    Love that style! I wear something similar (and old, and honestly too worn), dark blue slip ons, but I like wearing socks with them.

  2. Rae says:

    This is my thing. Slip-ons (hindi ballerina flat-type ones, not good at identifying shoes). I buy from SM or So Fab at 200 to 500 each pero they last me 3 to 6 mos lang 😦

    Maybe it’s time to invest.

    • Rae, the ballerina type from Fitflops are ok too but my ankles where cut to ribbons after wearing them for a day. I kid you not. I bought a lot of band aid and a cork that shelters your ankles from rubbing against it.

  3. Hello Janet…you got me with the color! Love that red at the back and that yellow under. => I wonder if they have that in the nearest Res Toe Run. Expensive but looks like it’s worth it.

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