Unboxing: Beauty Innovations BDJBox September 2014

Hello Sweeties!

Today I unbox the BDJBox September 2014,  In past few months have bought us subscribers one surprise after another. This month is no exception. The theme for this month is Beauty Innovations.

The BDJ Team introduces us new products from established and trusted brands, the familiarity of these brands gave me a sense of comfort because I have tried these brands before and I deemed them suitable for my current needs. I am all glad that for this month it focuses on general utilitarian products that would be useful not only to myself but also for my family.

Let’s Start!
Godiva Cleansing Kit. Although from the product description says it should contain the Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash it has the Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion (?) Instead. along with the Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Toner (60php) Perhaps there was confusion in the packing? Godiva is one of Raffy`s favorite brands and is partial to their whitening deodorant.
Ponds Dewy Rose Gel (150php) Two small tubs of these. I am not partial to whitening per se, I am more a brightening kind of girl, I also prefer the matte/powder finish in facial products, so I will probably be giving these away to a friend.

image Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner in Damage Control and Dry Rescue variants. (134php each) I love hair products. I try all of them out until I finish the entire bottle/tube. I do like the variants I have in my box obviously because my curl hair tends to dry out and needs lots of love.
imageDove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamins (6 capsules in a pack) (75php per pack) I love that there are two different brands of hair products in this box and it focuses in keeping our hair healthy. These are vitamins for the hair.
Jergens Moisture Pack Jergen`s Ultra Healing Lotion (88php) and Jergen`s Daily Moisture (153php) I am not a lotion person, I just don`t like the greasy feel and with the humid weather I tend to skip it and use a moisturizing body wash instead.  But Jergens promises that there is no greasy after feel, just a lot of moisture for my famished skin.
Beach Hut Clear Spray (390php) This is Raffy`s favorite from my BDJBox and she has called dibs on in. Being an athlete, she is out in the sun all the time and I am so glad that BDJBox has always made it a point to include Sunblocks as part of their beauty essentials every now and then. This Beach Hut formula is the Spray and Go kind perfect for young active athletic (lazy) teenagers who prefer to just apply their sunblock as quick as possible and run to the field to do their warm ups with minimal fuzz.
FS Gel Eyeliner in Brown (299php)and FS Single Eyeshadow in Potter Clay (150php) I am not familiar with F21 brand to be honest and this is the first time I encountered this brand of eye make-up, I do like that I got Brown Eyeliner instead of black since I always wanted to see the effect of brown liner on my eyes.  The single Eyeshadow in Potter Clay looks highly pigmented. Will tell you more once I try them both out.
Free Make Over Voucher from PAC

wpid-photogrid_1411396792115.jpgI can really get used to these large BDJBoxes. What I love about this box aside from the value for my money is how practical each succeeding box has been. It is like my birthday every month.

What is your favorite product in the September BDJBox sweeties?

Until next time, Sweeties!

Get your own BDJBox : http://bdjbox.com

Muah!  joeydragonlady

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  1. wow, excited nko for gel liner!

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