Review: pH Care Vzone Bikini Shaver & Bikini Trimmer


Hello Sweeties!

Bbberr months are here! Busy busy busy!


This mark shows how these products are specially made for the bikini area

I am so excited about the products I will be reviewing this month. I am also glad to be part of the team to review the newest product from Unilab.

I will start off with PH Care’s newest products the pH Care V Zone Bikini Shaver and Bikini Trimmer.

I know a lot of ladies are pretty confused about what to do with the hair down there. Some are old fashioned enough not to bother with it. But honestly we need to take care of this area too. When I was a first time Mom (this was in the last 90s), I was shocked that I needed to get a shave down there before giving birth to my baby Raffy, according to my OB-Gyne trimming and shaving the bikini area help reduce unwanted odor and it would be better for my baby and myself.  Now I try to go to the waxing salon regularly for hygiene purposes.

Benefits of hair removal:
* less smelly – hair traps the smell and sweat
* cleaner
* cooler in the summer
* easier to clean up afterwards
* you get to wear a sexy swimsuit (bikini) with no worries

I also tried shaving (using the regular razors) whenever I don`t have time to go to the waxing salon, but only when I really have no choice. I usually end up with scotched skin and ingrown hair (ugh). I am so glad that phCare came up with these innovative products specially made for us ladies.

pH Care is one of the leading Feminine Care brands in the country today.


The complete feminine care kit from Unilab.



Comb Design with a protective skin guard

Bikini Shaver

When shaving down there, be sure to go in the same direction as your hair growth first, and then in the opposite direction. Use a specially designed shaver like Vzone by pH Care Bikini Shaver for safe and hassle-free shaving down there. It has a 5/8 inch mini blade and comb with protective skin guard.

* compact, easy to hold.
* tapered tip that won’t scotch the skin
* comb design comes with a protective skin guard to minimize the skin irritation
* with soothing Aloe Vera moisture strips
* affordable 99php* (suggested retail price) for 3 pcs.



Rounded Tips and Shorter Handles

Bikini Trimmer

Keep your intimate area well-groomed by trimming your hair as short as possible. Use Vzone by pH Care Bikini Trimmer, which has short handles to give you better control, and rounded tips to prevent accidental cuts in your bikini area.

* with rounded tips to prevent accidental cuts
* comes with a shorter handle for better control
* affordable at 49php* (Suggested Retail Price)

Here are additional tips:

* Exfoliate! Right before you shave, use a washcloth or a glove or loofa with a moisturizing body wash to gently scrub your skin using circular motions. This removes dead skin and ensures that you’ll get a closer shave.

* The best time to shave is after being in the shower or bath for at least 5 minutes. Wet hair is easier to cut, and the warm water and steam soften the hair and open the pores which will makes shaving easier.

* After shaving, always splash the skin with cold water to soothe the skin and close your pores. Try not to expose skin to anything irritating right after shaving (salt water/ chorine  no swimming after shaving, perfumed lotion). Wait for pores to close (about an hour if possible) to reduce the risk of irritation, I usually use an Aloe Vera Gel to soothe my inflamed skin.


Vzone line is compact and perfect for traveling too! My perfect feminine hygiene kit!

What do you think of the ph Care Vzone line?

Learn more about Unilab & pH Care’s social media sites

Get the Vzone by pH Care Bikini Trimmer at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, 7-Eleven, Rustans Supermarket, and Robinsons Supermarket.

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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6 Responses to Review: pH Care Vzone Bikini Shaver & Bikini Trimmer

  1. Rae says:

    The pair of scissors is scary! (TMI Warning: I use a small wireless clipper to trim the are down there hahaha)

    But I think I like that shaver too. I don’t like to shave too close to the skin. That could get too itchy.

  2. Arlene says:

    hi! where did you buy the kit? thanks

    • Hi Arlene, the contents of the kit, you can purchase at any grocery or department store nationwide. The kit itself was sent with the sample packet from Unilab. I am not sure if they sell that as an actual set.

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