Review: Cafe Via Mare (GT Toyota Branch)

image Hello Sweeties!

I usually pass Cafe Via Mare located at the GT Toyota Compund every working day but I never found the time to dine there. I am thankful to get this opportunity to taste and enjoy these exceptional Filipino Dishes.


Enseladang Bagnet
It was strange sight for me to see sinfully crunchy bagnet in a bed of healthy greens. Somehow it works. I am tempted to just pick on the crispy bagnet but I held myself back, together with a light vinegarette it a great appetizer for the next dishes.
Main Dishes:

Fiesta Rice (fried rice, salted egg and tomato) I am a fan of fried rice, I can actually dine on just this alone.
Crispy Pata I tried to retrain myself from eating too much but I failed, the pork was just soo crispy and mouth wateringly good.
Pinalutong na Tilapia A different twist to the usual tilapia dish. I consider this tilapia chicaron.
Kare-kare I have always favored Kare-kare in all shapes and form. This reminds me of the Kare-kare from scatch my Mom used to make when I was very young, also with the homemade bagoong. Kare-kare is love.

For dessert:
Bibingka Casava I love the soft mild taste, a small portion feels very filling.

Puto Maya This is a unique dish, that reminds me of the sunflowers in the main entrance of UP Campus. The Mangos are a bit sour but it compliments the maja blanca and sesame seeds.

It was such a satisfying meal. I know my husband would love to dine there when he comes home for his yearly vacation.

Which dish is your favorite?

To learn more about Cafe Via Mare:

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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2 Responses to Review: Cafe Via Mare (GT Toyota Branch)

  1. Everything here looks delicious especially bagnet and crispy pata! 🙂

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