Challenge: Search for the Perfect Cat Eye

I have been a fan of the cat eye eyeliner style since it came back into fashion. I think Beyonce was the one I liked best.

I have been an eyeliner since I was in high school. Although I look like such a racoon then. Now I have learned to do the classic flick better.

I have tried a lot of eyeliners from gel, liquid, & pencil. I also tried using eyeshadow but I really don’t have a steady hand for it.

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6 Responses to Challenge: Search for the Perfect Cat Eye

  1. Laarni says:

    I’ve been always a gel liner girl but I read that liquid liners do a better job when it comes to cat eyes. What’s your eye shape? Good luck on your quest!

  2. Try Shawill Waterproof Liguid Eyeliner, Mommy Joey! I discovered it when I was looking for ELF Waterproof Eyeliner pero out of stock. Long lasting talaga! Pareho ko silang like.:)

  3. Rae says:

    I recommend the gel liner form LA girl. Less then Php 300 šŸ™‚

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