Unboxing: BDJBox July 2014 Pure and Simple

Hello Sweeties!

As I say Sayonara to July and Konichiwa to August, I finally recieved my much awaited BDJBox July, the BDJBox usually a arrive by the 2nd week of the month. In fairness to the BDJ Team, they sent word that there will be a slight delay in shipping the July box. I really appriciate their forsight and thoughfulness.
Raffy recieved the package that day and she commented that it was larger than the regular BDJBox I usually get and as you can see she is correct. I remember BDJBox Beauty Minister Kate Alvarez mentioning that the BDJ Team needed larger box to fit all the goodies sent to the BDJBox subscribers and as it turns out she was right.

Let’s start:
The July box is larger, and still packed to the brim.
Kerarin Complex Travel Care Kit
Size: 89ml
Price: 495php
These are the ones I am excited to try from this box. For 2 reasons the first being that it is a hair product and I have been in the market for new hair care products of late, I do like the variety. And 2nd because it is the one of only 2 brand in the July box that I haven’t tried yet. I do like that these products are sodium chloride free and recommended for dry, chermically over processed or damaged hair, and I feel I fall under this category.
Pink Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist Strawberry Pop
Size: 250ml
Price: 299php
This is a local Fragrance brand that I am unfamiliar with, it is cool that it comes in 12 scents. To be honest I am not thrilled with the scent I recieved, I really don’t like the literal overpowering smell of fruit in my scents. So I will end up giving this away.
Celeteque Back Acne Spray
Size: 50ml
Price: 320php
I have tried this product before via Sampleroomph, I tried it and it really does work wonders on clearing back acne.
Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette in Magic Spell
Size: 6g
Price: 199php
I recieved an Enchanted Eyeshadow from the BDJBox July 2013 but it was in Pixie Dust. Most of the products in this box focuses on skin and hair, I feel this product is not in sync with the whole theme, although I do like the product itself.
Hygienix and Vitress:
Hygienix Hand Spray
Size: 55ml
Price: 40php
Hygienix Hand Gel
Size: 100ml
Price: 45php
I am a fan of this brand, it has a nice scent, anti-bac and non-drying. I always carry one in my bag, my kids have one in their packs and we have the large one at home.
Vitress Instant Relax
Size: 30ml
Price: 75php
Vitress Hair Solenn
Size: 50ml
Price: 80php
I am not really a fan of hair oil because I ride the PUVs and if I use this product the dust and dirt from my travel will stick to my hair and I feel it makes it so ikky!
Nivea Travel Kit
Nivea Pure Effect Exfoliating Wipes
Size: 20 wipes
Price: 139php
The 2nd product I am excited to try out. I usually use makeup wipes, I wonder if this is any diffrent.
Nivea in Shower Skin Conditioner
Size: 10ml sample
Price: 109php for Full Similar to Conditioner we put in our hair, this body conditioner is applied while still in the shower and rinsed off like the hair conditioner. Very interesting.
Nivea Anti-perspirant Invisible Spray
Size: 150ml
Price: 184php
I have used this before thanks to the loot from Mikki Galang’s Makeup Party
I kept all my white shirts from having that yellow stain in my armpit. It is designed for both men and women.
Gift Voucher
Envie Aestheticcare & Medapa Free Service for Diamond Peel, RF Slimming, Cavitation or IPL treatment
The BDJBox July is a pretty hefty box and definately worth more the 580php I paid for it. Its an alright box but nothing spectacular. I would have loved more new brands to try out. I must have been spoiled by the Exclusive boxes because I keep expecting they would top my favorite Benefit box for this year. I am looking forward to the August box.

What do you think of the BDJBox July Box?

Until next time Sweeties!

Get your own BDJBox : http://bdjbox.com

Muah!  joeydragonlady

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2 Responses to Unboxing: BDJBox July 2014 Pure and Simple

  1. Pat says:

    I like Nivea and I’ve never tried any of those three before! Not a bad box, and I would have considered getting a big box to reuse as container to be a bonus.

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