Teleperformance promotes La Mesa Ecopark rehabilitation*

Teleperformance, the world’s leading provider of outsourced customer experience management services, recently conducted a tree-planting activity entitled “Greenovation” at the La Mesa Ecopark, an ecological nature reserve in Quezon City.

During the Greenovation, Teleperformance employees toured
around the La Mesa Ecopark where they learned about the preservation efforts being conducted inside the reserve. After getting on with basic gardening and nursery planting orientation, the Teleperformance volunteers planted hundreds of Kamagong seedlings at one of the nurseries inside the 27,000-square-meter watershed.

 Greenovation is one of the many environmental efforts being organized by the Citizen of the Planet (COTP), the environmental corporate social responsibility arm of Teleperformance. This year, Teleperformance aims to conduct more tree-planting activities as part of COTP’s environmental protection initiatives. This is in line with the government’s National Greening Program (NGP) which aims to plant 164 million seedlings covering 3,000 square kilometers throughout the country by the end of 2014.

Around this time last year, Teleperformance likewise embarked on an environmental initiative of adopting a portion of the Marikina River, where Teleperformance employees volunteered their time and effort in conducting regular cleaning and greening activities on the riverbank.

* This is a Press Release from Teleperformance

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