Cat Eye Search 1: Maybelline Color Show Crayon Khol in Deep Black and Inca Gold

Hello Sweeties!

For my first entry in my search for the Holy Grail of eyeliners. I decided to try out Maybelline Color Show Crayon Khol.

My reasons for selecting Maybelline is one: it is readily available in most department stores and drugstores nationwide, two: they came out with these uber cute crayons in various colors. three: the cost 199php which is real very affordable!

I have used Revlon Photo Ready Kajal Intense Eyeliner and I really liked it. A lot of makeup brands have come up with crayon type eyeliners as opposed to the pencil types. Maybelline is the affordable, I have seen so far. You can see, they came sealed. But this did not prevent me from getting a kohl with a broken tip :(.
The shades I selected are pretty safe. Inca Gold and Deep Black. I love the Inca Gold! The kohl guilds smoothly over my arm. I also like that Inca Gold is a bit glittery. Once I applied, it is sweat proof and smudge proof.

*** Lively vibrant colors
*** Water resistant
*** No sharpening needed
*** Lasted 8 hours while I was inside my airconed office
*** Smudge Proof
*** Does not sting when applied on the water line
*** the Inca Gold is perfect as a highlighter for the bottom water line.
*** excellent for tight lining
*** super afforable

*** Breaks off easily, the Black eyeliner I got had it’s tip broken even before I opened it.
*** Does not come with a tip sharpener
*** Limited colors available (they have 9 available in the Philippines)

I love the Maybelline Color Show Crayon Khol. I have been using the Inca Gold as a waterline highlighter for the past month. I will purchase the other color perhaps the peacock green? Not bad for my first entry in my Cat Eyes challenge.

What Color Show Crayon Khol would you get?

To see the other Color Show Crayon Khol shades :

Until Next Time Sweeties!
Muah, joeydragonlady

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