Unboxing: Be Your Own Heroine (BDJBox Elite)

wpid-photogrid_1404818664935.jpgHello Sweeties!

I will always be the ajumma who likes to read manga and watch anime. Ever since I watched my first episode of Candy Candy with the heroine Candy and her pet raccoon…that was like 35 plus years ago!

What fascinates me most about manga is not just the interesting storylines (shounen, shoujo, josie, gender bender, yaoi, yuri, mecha,) but also the very distinct eyes the female characters have, If you love Jamie Robinson (Voltes V), Candy (Candy Candy), Ericka of Daimos. Well you know what i mean… That is why I got do excited when my favorite BDJBox offered their first elite box for 2014, with the budge-proof make-up that no sweat or tears can defeat. Heroine Make Edition.

If you are curious about the other boxes, I suggest you check out BDJBox Facebook page.
I am so pleased with the contents of this box. There are 8 boxes to choose from, with a mix of 4 different products. The Eyes are highlighted. They selected a mascara that has an extremely long-lasting formula, so you can sob your heart out at the greatest romantic tragedy of the year without the fear of a mascara meltdown. For heroines who wish to always have their eyes beautifully lined, we’ve included a smudge-free liner that is sweat and sebum resistant. For more drama, lift your lashes to new heights with stunning falsies for a trendy and natural look. Brave a thunderstorm without worries with water-resistant sunblock, BB Cream and powder that protects your skin, and smoothens skin imperfections and visible pores. Complete your eye look with an eyebrow liner that applies smoothly on the skin, giving a natural finish to your brows so your eyes are perfectly framed. I chose, Box F = Fierce Medium, the medium is the skin tone.

Let’s start:

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner #02
Size: 0.4ml
Price: 595php
This is the item I am most excited about in this box. Since I am in search of the Holy Grail in Eyeliner! It is waterproof and highly resistant to tears, sweat, water. Long lasting but easy to remove with lukewarm water.
Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #02
Size: 0.7g
Price: 345php
This waterproof, resistant to sweat and water eyebrow pencil has superfine 1.5mm diameter tip.

Heroine Make Impact Eyelash #23
Price: 345php
Add instant drama to your eyes and enhance your overall look with these false eyelashes. It will help create a wider, brighter eyes by making your lashes look longer and fuller.
I remember attend the Revlon Summer Luau and I learned from Ana Paredes how to apply them properly. I am a bit nervous to try it out but these look perfect for my first foray!
Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer
Size: 5ml
Price: 345php
This is the glue that will help fix your falsies in place. It is waterproof formula is resistant to perspiration, water and sebum. It dries fast and becomes clear when it dries so the lashes can be glued on beautifully with almost no glue marks.
Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara #01
Size: 6g
Price: 595php
Waterproof mascara that promises to dramatically lengthen and give glossy lashes. It has fibers to really extend the lashes to its maximum length. It contains Chamomile extracts (moisturizing ingredient) and Camellia oil that will protect sensitive lashes from damage. Wow! you get long lashes and have them protected and nourished as well!
Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream #02
Size: 30g
Price: 595php
with SPF 30 PA, long lasting mineral BB Cream is designed to be gentle on the skin, contains 13 types of essence ingredients that moisturizes skin upon application, as well as pore-evening powder that smoothen out visible pres and keep oil at bay and helps make make-up last longer.
I will have to see how well this works on me. Since I was medium/dark skintone depending on the season, BB Creams have never been kind to me. I either look all glittery or slightly ashy. I have yet to meet a BB Cream that is a perfect fit.
Heroine Make Mineral BB Loose Powder #02
Size: 6g
Price: 695php
This mineral BB Powder doubles as foundation, consisting of 95% mineral ingredients. It sets your makeup, tahanks to the sebum absorbing powder in the formula, helping prevent meltdowns live providing excellent coverage and long lasting translucent look.
Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong
Size: 30ml
Price: 445php
Silky smooth, ultra light sunblock is highly resistant to sweat and water, making it perfect for all kinds of outdoor situations. It contains a menthol blend which gives you a cooking sensation when you apply it on your skin. Perfect for those hot and humid days. Dries ti a matte finish, so the skin won’t look oily!

Photo from BDJBox Facebook

Photo from BDJBox Facebook

These are 8 Full Sized products bought the BDJBox Elite for 1,480php but if you total the actual prices it comes to 3,960php!
I really love the cute Japanese packaging, although most of the instructions are in Japanese which I guess part of their charm but makes it difficult for us to follow the directions. I don’t really like all the plastics involved in the packaging these products, not very environment friendly. Still I do praise the BDJBox Team for bringing this brand to Manila. Another brand to try out and enjoy.


I will be reviewing the Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner, lovin’ it so far.

For more information about the BDJBox Elite: https://www.facebook.com/bdjbox/

To learn more about Heroine Make Philippines: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroine-Make-Philippines/378193612323031

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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5 Responses to Unboxing: Be Your Own Heroine (BDJBox Elite)

  1. Pat says:

    Can’t wait to see your reviews!

  2. Marie says:

    Wow! Totally love the products and it is worth it totally.
    I agree when it comes to the packaging, since it’s from Japan they actually package their items like that don’t they? Especially in the daiso stores here I see the same packaging type.

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