Manila Water: Caring for customers like mothers would*

Mothers, they say, have the most difficult job in the world. They look after their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Compared to other careers there are in this world, being a mom is a job with no monetary compensation, often with little to no privilege to rest or make time for their personal interests. Despite the tasks expected from them, mothers still exceed the expectations of their loving brood, making the thankless job worth it.


 With the overwhelming decisions mothers—or any household decision makers—make every single day, it is imperative that they choose what’s best for their families. It is their way of expressing their love and care for the most important people in their lives. Modern moms nowadays need to juggle responsibilities at home and their passions, whether related to their flourishing careers or hobbies.

Just like the most industrious mother who cares for her family, we at Manila Water ensure that our customers at the East Zone of Metro Manila receives adequate and potable water supply round-the-clock. Because water is a precious resource important for daily living, it is our responsibility that we give topnotch service so that our more than 6 million customers receive clean water for their various needs. From Angat Dam, Metro Manila’s main water source, water travels down to Ipo Dam then to La Mesa Dam to allow any particles that makes water hazy and turbid to settle. From this step, water is conveyed to either Balara Treatment Plants and the East La Mesa Treatment Plant to undergo further cleaning using several treatment processes to make water safe to drink before making its way to our customers. We ensure that the water coming out of their faucets is potable and safe to drink by regularly testing 847 water sampling points physically, chemically and microbiologically, and making sure that they comply with the stringent parameters of the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW) set by the Department of Health.

Not only do we care for the water we distribute, we also treat the water consumed by our households. Before the 1997 Public-Private Partnership in which Ayala-led Manila Water entered to take responsibility of Metro Manila’s East Zone, only 3% of the whole Metro Manila is connected to sewers, while the rest of the used water either go to poorly-maintained or improperly designed septic tanks then to the city’s natural bodies of water.

 Because of this, most of Manila’s waterways have been clogged and rendered biologically dead due to pollution. As its contribution, Manila Water took part in the rehabilitation of the three major river systems in the city—Marikina, San Juan and Pasig Rivers. A total of 38 used water treatment plants were put into place to treat used water from households to bring back used water to the rivers as Class C effluent water, though not yet potable, but can support marine life.

 True to the vows of Manila Water to protect the main waterways of the city, Toka Toka was launched in 2012 as the country’s first and only environmental movement advocating proper management of used water to bring back the life of rivers and waterways. It encourages households through local government units do their share in any of the four ownable acts: Regular cleaning of septic tanks to ensure quality sanitation through desludging every 3-5 years, connecting residences to Manila Water’s world-class sewer lines, proper waste management, and by taking part in Manila Water’s goal to improve the situation of our river systems through clean-up drives, information sessions and plant tours like Lakbayan, and other activities to influence others to take part in this important step to a cleaner environment in Metro Manila.

As technology brings people and their trusted brands closer, it is now easy to reach Manila Water for water and used-water concerns and other queries that may affect normal distribution of water. Customers may have a chat with our trusted agents by calling Hotline 1627. Social media-savvy individuals may also interact with us by liking Manila Water’s Facebook account ( for water tips, trivias and other useful information for their daily activities; and follow @ManilaWaterPH on Twitter for live updates on service advisories, dam levels and other news that may affect customers.

Similar to mothers nurturing and molding their young ones to have the best and be the best, Manila Water encapsulates its concern for each and every customer not only through every drop of water consumed, but also by being a good housekeeper of the world we are living in. By helping us promote the wise and responsible use of water to protect the precious natural resource; and by taking part in Toka Toka to revive our beautiful river systems, together we can safeguard together the future of the next generation. This is Manila Water’s way of showing care in every drop, now and for generations to come.

*Press Release from Manila Water

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