Oh my Blush! My Various Blushes

Hello Sweeties,

As I was taking inventory of my make-up. I found out unlike my lippies, I only have a small collection of blushes. I would probably get scolded by the other beauty bloggers because of this but I always forget to apply blush coz my lippies always look better alone lol. Do I need to add other shades to this current collection? Hmmm.
Look Rae, This blush also has a mirror! Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angel Blusher (Joey)  I am uncertain about the shade in the pallet it looks lilac on the cheeks it looks a bit light pink. I adore how his product is packed. There is a mirror, the puff is removable and replaceable and is stored under the product. It is compact and can fit in a small make-up bag. The overall look is pretty edgy. I was given this product as part of the Blogger loot at their store launch. I have since purchased several skincare products from their brand. Too CUTE for just School.
Pixy Truly Asian Beauty brand was first introduced to me via the BDJBox last April. A truly interesting and affordable brand from Indonesia. I got this Pixy Color of Delight Blush On in Brown Tea from that box. It may look pretty bland brown in the palette and a bit dark but a little goes a long way, check out my review here.
Avon Face Pearls these were a gift from one of my friends, I remember getting something like this from BDJ as well but I forgot who I gave it to. I have yet to try these out, mainly because I have no idea how to use face pearls. I know, I should look at youtube videos but I can`t seem to bring myself to do so, maybe by the end of this month(?!)
Ellana Mineral Cosmetics loose powder blush in Bunny (in the new packaging) and Kitten (in the old packaging) These I got separately from The Ramp, both cost around 150-200php each. Bunny is more of a peachy shade and Kittne more sharp and vibrant. I use very little of the mineral blush coz it is so pigmented and somehow I always end up sneezing or coughing when I do use them. They are perfect on Raffy`s skin though, so I keep them around.
Nature Republic Blushes, Sorry I have been using these the longest and somehow I forgot what they are called. These are blushes I actually went out of my way to purchase as opposed to them being gift or coming from my BeautyBox subscription. I love the smaller blushes on the top right since one is a bit paler and matte , the other one has highlight (shimmer) in when applied. Nature Republic Baby fox (on the lower left photolip & cheek cream  is pretty handy when I am feeling lazy and the weather is nice, one product for the lip&cheek. Blusher Shine Blossom #3, a scented powder blush looks bright orange in the palette but when applied it looks like the perfect blush. 20140621-221938-80378331.jpg
When asked what my favorite blush brand is, I would probably reply that it is Canmake. I was introduced to Canmake Tokyo via a BDJBox featuring the Canmake Tokyo Powder Cheeks #PW05 This Japanese Cosmetic brand is a favorite of Blogger/Photographer Tricia Gosingtian, I mean she swears by it. After using the Powder Cheeks, I found that they have another kind of blush, one that has 3 different shades of blush plus a highlighter! How cool is that? Canmake Tokyo Glow Fleur Cheeks 04, priced at 600php is one I purchased at the BDJ Beauty Soiree at SM Aura this year. I don`t need to bring another blush with me because this one has 3 shades and a highlighter, and when you swirl the super soft blush brush (I wash it like once a week) on all the colors it produces another shade!

So this is my small Blush collection, pretty quint when you think about it.  I really have no desire to add another one to this unless it is a gift and/or loot for review. I am not really blush person, perhaps because I have such fat cheeks?

Another tagged done…next stop the confusing Eye Shadow collection. Stay tuned.

What is your favorite shade of Blush?


Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

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9 Responses to Oh my Blush! My Various Blushes

  1. Rae says:

    Yay! Love inventory posts. Seldom pala yung blushes na may mirror. Amazing.
    You have more blushes than I do. I think I’ll have a more difficult time finishing blushes compared to lipsticks. I also don’t wear blush everyday except when I got to try my recent favorite, the one I posted on IG. But usually, lipstick lang din and nothing else.

    • I suppose I can always pass on a Blush easier than a lip product. I feel I have too little sice I met someone who has one for every shade of lipstick…matchy matchy. My only recent purchase is Canmake that I have been using exclusively. I am also going to finish my eyeshadow collection. Heaven help me.

      • Rae says:

        I’m excited for this! I think that’s a good way to redirect our acquisition urges. To focus on makeup application techniques, combination of colors, etc.

      • I am going to paid make-up classes now to really learn how to apply make-up. I also want to learn contouring. Carmel Villongco of Shisiedo said she will never leave the house without contour. I want to learn how to lessen my double chin and find my cheekbones!

      • Rae says:

        Do you also find it difficult to pair blush and lipstick? I feel like I always tend to wear lipstick alone. On the other hand, when I wear blush, it’s always with an mlbb or a nude lip. I used to aspire matchy matchy, but thank goodness I’ve moved past that

  2. That’s a lot! I only have 1 blush. I think it’s ELF, not sure though. I only bought it because I had a party to attend last Christmas, haven’t used it again since lol

    • He he he…I do have plans of being a make-up artist someday as a side job. Who knows? You can actually forget all about the blush and consentrate on either your eyebrows or your lips.

  3. juvyann says:

    Kaingit ang blush collection mo!

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