Lippie Love: Alright, I Confess I am a lip product addict.

Hello Sweeties!
I really had no intention of posting any make-up collections, since I hardly ever buy any well other than to get their freebies.

When Rae and Elaine posted the – “tag! you are it”. I just had to comply..for fear of my life, he he he…

As you can see from the products above. I don’t have a specific brand, or color or style. I hardly spend money on lipsticks. Please bear with me as I figure it out.

These are Color Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick, I got these from Sampleroomph yep all these are from that awesome website. I tried them all out and I loved them. Other than Sampleroomph you can get these beauties at Each one cost around 350php but since I got them as samples I suppose they are free.
These are various Avon Lipsticks (Peach Faction, Reviving Red, Deep Orchid) that I got from BDJBox and from my Avon lady. You will notice that they are basically light to dark colors. I like a bit of variety in my lippies. Avon lip pies are around 200-300+ php each.
I first spotted Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams Lip (these are Antwerp, Abu Dhabi, Addis Ababa, & Tokyo) and  Lip Butter (Haute Melon) on line and I was caught in a frenzy, you know how everyone and their grandmother were talking about how great a product is and then bam, they put the product on sale, you end up signing up….yep. I am so impressionable when it comes to bargains. Got them for 260php each.
I love these Pixy Color of Delight Lipsticks Silky Fit in Satin, Semi-Matte and Matte (Haruka, Peach Satin,  and Earthly Beige) that I got from my April BDJBox Exclusive Pixy Box. Not only do they smell yummy like candy but I like that the shades look perfect on me. They cost around 265- 325php each.
Now these I got for myself. My latest Haul from Happy Skin. There are a lot of lippies from this Proud Philippine brand but this limited edition set is perfect, not only does it has all the primary shade perfect for all skin tone but this set of 3 cost 1,249 php making the lippies around 416+ each instead of the 549php. What I love about these is that when applied right they actually last a long time. But I have to tell you have to be careful how you close the cap or the product might end up smudged and ruined.
These are really cute lip crayons from a Korean Cosmetic Company called Yadah, I found these lippies very cute so I bought them on impulse they cost 195php each. Check out my review here. I love the colors, perfect for student on a budget but the down side they need a big-assed sharpener to sharpen them every time you use them. The last time I visited beauty where they distribute them exclusively they have it in the non-sharpen kind too. Although I dunno if the price went up with that innovation.
Revlon Lipsticks are a staple in my make-up bag waaay back when I was in the University decades ago, my Mom usually gets her make-up from my Aunt who lives in Montreal, they usually send Estee Lauder or Revlon products back for us. I wash`t really happy about it since the colors I thought were too mature for my taste. These are from my BDJBoxes. I am always happy to get any lip product.
Mixed photo of my Etude House, Nature Republic, Mary Kay Lip products, some lip tints I got from BDJBox (Ellana and Benefit). Whenever I feel like wearing lipstick seem too much for a weekend watching Raffy play a soccer game under the sun and all I can tolerate when I sweat like a pig is sunblock and lip tints. These are my go to products for the lips and cheeks.
These are some of my favorite lip sticks. Snoe limited edition in Bite Me, it is actually black and it scared the trainees when I wore it…me playing Goth Girl at my age. lol. The Givenchy Rogue Interdit Shine in Blush Shine, was a Christmas gift from one of my best friends. This lipstick looks like I am not wear any but there is those glistening effect that I like when I have a girl`s night out. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Red Carpet, was a prize I won in one of the Make-up Parties I attended last Christmas.  I felt so fortunate since I rarely go out of my way to buy expensive lipsticks since I have so many already. This is a treat that would urge me to get another lipstick from Bobbi Brown this Christmas and only a genuine one since I have seen fakes abound. The little extra lippie in the bottom right of this photo is the Avon Lipstick in Dark Orchid, I love this lipstick and I usually wear it around October in time for one of my favorite season. Halloween. lol.

There you have it, My entire lippie collection. Please don`t judge me by lipstick preference. I may not have purchased the uber expensive brands. I usually get lippies because one they look great on me and two I can actually get home to Antipolo after the purchase. (lol, I pay in cash coz I don`t trust credit cards).

To be totally frank, I only carry 2 lip products in my make-up bag at any one time. I figured I am pretty normal, right? Right?!

What are your favorite lip products?

Until Next Time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady.

Disclaimer: I own each and every one of these lipsticks and I use them and love them. No brand paid me to mention them in this post.

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5 Responses to Lippie Love: Alright, I Confess I am a lip product addict.

  1. hi joey! i usually only carry lip balm in my bag but have recently taken to making an effort to at least carry one lipstick. i will probably move that up to 2-3 to make sure that i’ll be using up my stash and not just collecting. 😀 i’m still thinking of my faves and i hope i can do a post like this soon

    • I am have decided NOT to make anymore purchases until I finish off these or they expire. I will try to be strong. I am looking forward to your post about your favorites.

  2. Rae says:

    Wow, I didn’t know you can accumulate that many lipsticks from sub-boxes. And ang swerte mo with the bobbi brown 😀

    • It was pretty lucky with the Bobbi Brown. I am slowly the expiry dates of the lip.products now. I had to get ride of like 5 of those before posting but still it is too much right?

      • Rae says:

        Haha, perhaps, let’s just have fun with our collections for now. Eventually we’ll find out what we need to let go of.

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