Event: BDJ Passion Series: BFF Craftnight & CampusBDJ Launch

Hello Sweeties!

Raffy was very excited to find out that the CampusBDJ is having a launch along with a craft project to make our own Monster Plushie. She was counting the days until Friday came.  She considers the CampusBDJ primarily her event since she is the CampusBDJ Planner Bella in the family.
20140619-202023-73223075.jpgThe venue was Bonifacio High Street Fullybooked branch. We arrived about 2 hours before the event to make sure that we will not be stuck in traffic on a Friday. Raffy was very excited about this BDJ Passion Series because she not only gets to buy her new CampusBDJ Planner, to replace her old one that she got last year at a Fullybooked branch, she finds the pages very useful in documenting her daily school activities, football practices, Kumon Tutorials and gimmicksTeenagers have such fun these days and they are lucky, I wish I had a CampusBDJ Planner during my school days so I would have organized my thoughts and schedule more.

A lot of participants came early because of the promised freebies. First the  awesome Bedroom Athletics. The first 50 registrants get a pair free! Raffy and I both got a pair each. Hers is the Plum and mine is the Peacoat Navy shade. Both wear furry and very soft. They keep your feet very cozy and warm.  She said they remind her of Australia`s Ugg boots. It is a real treat to get one of these for free coz I heard they cost more than a thousand pesos a pair. Thanks CampusBDJ Team!

Also when you purchase 2 CampusBDJ Planners there (and also on line) you get a free pair of Salvatos Foldable Flipflops worth 890php free! If you think about it, the Salvatos cost more than two CampusBDJ Planner (368php each), and the Salvatos are convenient to carry in your bag in case you want to have a mani or a spa after work. I bought two planners one for Raffy and the other for her cousin Faye also a teenager, and Raffy ends up with a two toned Salvatos in purple and pink.

Karen Bordador of RX931 FM hosted the event and kept things lively for all the participants there.
While waiting for the event to start we were served boxes of J.Co Donuts and CBTL (Coffee Bean and Tealeaf) canned drinks. Raffy couldn`t wait to open her CampusBDJ Planner write on it.
Other than the CampusBDJ Launch, they are also conducted a CraftNight for BFFs (Best Friends Forever) bonding. Artwine`s Beam Mariano will be helping us along to make our very own Monster Plushie.  It was so easy, the only limit is your imagination. Basic sewing is a must but everything else was a peace of cake. We were given a Monster Plushie kit (50php) each. The kits had fabric, foam, a needle and thread and some loose fabric and odds and end, you can use to create your own Monster Plushie. We were having such a great time, some of us finished our projects quickly like Raffy, others like myself took their time and finished after the event. I was making an 11th Doctor Who Plushie…

Cath, Jelly, Ms. Dar, Ms. Em of BDJTeam, Kate of the Beauty Ministry fresh from her travel abroad, Jackie a student/blogger, Ms. Beam Mariano, Kamilla, Tsai and Aki who is also my plus one for this event.

Cath, Jelly, Ms. Dar, Ms. Em of BDJTeam, Kate of the Beauty Ministry fresh from her travel abroad, Jackie a student/blogger, Ms. Beam Mariano, Kamilla, Tsai and Aki who is also my plus one for this event.

It was such a fun event. Craftnight was so fun, I also got to bond with Raffy, who I never knew had such skillful hands. I also met with fellow Bellas and met new friends that day.
Raffy was pretty stoked that day seeing she took home with a new planner, Salvatos, bedroom athletic and of course her monster plushie. Such a great bonding event for us. Raffy is planning a Monster Plushie Craftsnight with her friends sometime this year, having been inspired to create because of this event.

How do you bond with your BFFs? 

You can get materials for your own Monster Plushie at Artwine.

To get your CampusBDJ Planner: http://belledejourpowerplanner.com

To learn more about BDJ Events : https://www.facebook.com/belledejour.powerplanner

Until Next Time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady


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