Review: Authentic Korean Cuisine Found in Quezon City Leann’s Tea House


I was really excited to be part of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines that would get to experience the Korean Cuisine. Been a fan of Korean Food ever since I watched the popular drama Jewel in the Palace.


Leann’s Tea House located in Quezon City is just a short walk from Quezon Avenue’s National Bookstore gives the impression of a Chinese Tea House but actually, they serve Authentic Korean Cuisine.

As I make my climb to the 2nd floor where the dinning area is, I was greeted by smiling servers which really set a great mood.

Jiselle Chua, the restaurant manager offered to take my drink order, since I was still going to work, I opted not to have any of their specialty cocktails that are Soju based, although after seeing the other Mommies have the drink I was tempted to maybe next time I come by.

Tropical Four Seasons

I opted to have a smoothie , Tropical Four Seasons (a blend of mango, strawberries, watermelon and pineapple). It was heavenly and perfect for the summer heat.
As I sat with the other Mommies, there were several side dishes where already on the table. I loved the kimchi, in fact I can survive with just their kimchi! It is homemade, refreshing with just the right seasoning.



Japchae (Glass noodles mixed with beef and vegetables)210php tasted excellent, with a generous amount of vegetables and beef. The veggies still crunchy and the beef tender.

Hameul Jeon

Hameul Jeon (Seafood Pancake) 250php This is the first time I ever tried a seafood pancake, I liked it a lot. you can actually see the generous seafood mixed in this pancake.

Leann’s is a family own Korean Restaurant, although the Chuas are Chinese. Jiselle’s older sister Jaclyn married a Korean, her sister’s baby daughter Leann is where the restaurant’s name came from.

Most of the ingredient used came straight from Korea c/o her sister so we are assured of the authentic Korean taste of each and every dish served.

As the dishes came to our long table in succession, I felt both excited and overwhelmed. Our table was instantly filled with the sight of those beautifully prepared dishes, piping hot and everything smelled divine.


Tonkatsu Kimbab

Tonkatsu Kimbap (rice roll wrapped in breaded pork) 250php, I was very impressed with this dish, I could consume these while walking, or working. I will never grow hungry while multi-tasking again!



LA Galbi (Barbecued Beef Short Ribs) 420php, I have tried cooking my own  meat before, the experience was like reliving a scene from my favorite Kdrama. As our meat cooked my mouth watered. Mommy Rose did the honors of cutting and cooking the meats. The meats used came from the US and are the very best cuts. Juicy and tender and best eaten wrapped in lettuce with grilled onions, garlic and ssamjang (a Korean dipping sauce pictured above), but if you prefer white rice with your meat, you can always order a cup of rice  for 50php. I had mine with lettuce.



Seafood Doenjang Jigae (mixed seafood in soybean soup) 300php, Savory, with just the right of spice and tasty seafood a meal unto itself.

Here are my personal favorites.


Bibimbap (mixed rice with beef, assorted vegetables and egg) 210php. The ideal way to consume bibimbap is to mix all the ingredients together, pour as much bibimbap sauce as you can tolerate. The bibimbap sauce in my opinion is not as spicy as I thought even if you pour the entire sauce in, it is just right.

Spicy Chicken

Spicy Dak Gui (spicy chicken barbecue) 210php.  This dish may look scary at first because it is swimming in red spicy sauce. The chicken was still crunchy to the bite and cooked through, it was so good I wanted to consume the entire plate on my own. lol

Shabu-ShabuThey also served us Shabu- Shabu (regular and spicy) 420php. I liked the yin-yang shape of their food warmers!The dark liquid being the spicier of the two options.


We capped our meal with cool sliced watermelon for dessert and refreshing Honey Citrus Tea and Honey Jujube Tea.

I really enjoyed my time at Leann’s Tea House. The dishes were superb! The best Korean meal I ever had. I will sure to come back with friends and family to try some of their other dishes. The place has a crowd capacity of 50 people per floor, they are open for events and corporate meetings.

Mommy Bloggers with Jiselle

Being able to meet the faces behind the blogs, the us. Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Mommy Lani for the opportunity.

Have you tried Korean Food?

Until Next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady

For Authentic Korean Cuisine try Leann’s Tea House 105r Mother Ignacia Quezon City.
Follow them on Instagram : http://instagram/leannsteahouse/


map from Leann’s Tea House Facebook



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3 Responses to Review: Authentic Korean Cuisine Found in Quezon City Leann’s Tea House

  1. I’ve never tried any Korean food in my entire life! Well aside from the instant noodles found in groceries. LOL
    I so envy you guys! You get to meet up every now and then!

  2. I love the Galbi and Bibimbap!!!

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