Learn Sensible Parenting Thru JOHN ROBERT POWERS Workshop


Hi Sweeties!
I was one of the fortunate few from Mommy Bloggers Philippines who were invited to the John Robert Powers Training Office in Makati to learn about their new programs not only for the kiddies but also for us Parents as well.

One of my psychology grad friends referred to me as a freakishly Monstrous Mommy, but this she says is a compliment because I tend to get pretty over invested in my children`s daily life and at times I am more offended and hurt about issues involving them to the point that I can`t really sleep at night for the worry! lol

I wished there was a handbook or guide to parents on how to go about actual parenting! That is why I was glad to find out that there was at John Robert Powers!


According to JRP`s Archie Lawrence P. Geneta The DYNAMIC PARENTING WORKSHOP is designed to empower parents who seek to improve their sense of personality in general and parenting in particular.

The program consists of ten (10) different topics relevant to the formation of a more constructive and responsive parenting approach. Through a series of lectures, focus group discussions, and other interactive activities, the program strives to provide parents with an alternative and proactive learning experience.


1. Parenting and Family Organization in the Contemporary Setting
2. Parenting Styles and Children Discipline Strategies
3. Parenting and Child Motivation
4. Parenting and Parent-Child Temperament Interactions
5. Parenting and Emotional Intelligence
6. Parenting a Child with Special Needs
7. Parenting an Adolescent
8. Parenting and Career Pathing among Young Adults
9. Parenting in the Age of Digital Technology
10. Parenting Design Synthesis: An Integration of the All the Learning Sessions
JRP Curriculum

The workshop will have 10 sessions, each session covering 1 topic above. 2 hours per session.

Like I said, I admit I am a Monster Mom, my husband who works outside the country so we can give our children the very best would agree that there are time I need to tone down a monster part of being a parent and look into other means of communicating and reaching out to my kids. I think John Robert Powers’ Dynamic Parenting Workshop will really help other Parents like me figure out how to manage their own “monster tendencies” and best help and communicate with their kids.


Be yourself. Be natural. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE. That is what our courses are all about.

John Robert Powers School is an internationally renowned, it was founded in the 20s. It is 75 years old and some of the well know personalities that have trained with them are former first ladies, Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford, Princess Grace of Monaco, Jennifer Jones, Raquel Welch, Ava Gardner, Barbara Stanwyck, Lucille Ball, Lee Remick, Ann Margaret, Porntip (Miss Universe), Henry Fonda, Tyrone Power.


In here in the Philippines, Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidecelli and even Jessica Sanchez!

John Robert Powers’ programs are designed to make the curriculum flexible and adaptable depending on the individual’s needs.

Here are some of their Programs.

Cultivate your assets and make them work to your advantage! Here’s a 10-day confidence-building workshop for all ages covering the salient components of personality, including appearance skills, verbal communication skills, and self-help techniques towards effective interactive skills.
NOW is the time to unleash your potential!

The ULTIMATE INTEGRATED workshop designed for all ages featuring practical strategies and application as well as in-depth skills-building techniques for success-driven individuals. Twenty (20) sessions combining the necessary tools for excellence are right at your fingertips! Find out how our graduates have gained the competitive edge in the academe, as well as in their social and professional life!

Sharpen your skills! Find out how 30 sessions of in-depth and progressive skills and makeover workshop sessions can give you a definitive advantage. These are for individuals of all ages with specific areas of interest and developmental needs. Options for career-advancement program are offered for individuals in various fields be it corporate, modeling, hosting or the performing arts.

A comprehensive and customized program of 40 sessions designed towards advancement of competency requirements and skills mastery in specific areas of expertise. Harness your hard skills and maximize your individuality. Create impact and integrity way beyond the first 11 seconds!

A highly personalized lifetime program with 50 required sessions covering key components towards personal, social and professional advancement with emphasis on self-knowledge, communication skills, interpersonal skills, image and personal style. Experience a proactive, no-nonsense approach to a complete transformation.

If you are interested in the Dynamic Parenting Workshop or their other programs. Check out  John Robert Powers official website.

Or you may call them on the branch nearest you:

Alabang – 02. 659.00.52

Makati – 02.892.95.11

Quezon City – 02.927.04.65

Follow on Facebook: John Robert Powers Manila

Follow twitter: https://twitter.com/JRP_Philippines

What kind of parent are you?

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! joeydragonlady


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