Review: AngelSkin: Skin Whitening Bar Soap and Lotion


Hello Sweeties!

How has the summer sun been treating you? I personally feel that this summer is the hottest we’ve had in a long time. It is no surprise that most of us feel that our skin is in need of pampering or at the very least some maintenance. other than sunblock .

Don’t you just hate it when your skin tone looked uneven in some places. not THE obvious places but on visible spots like the face, neck, arms, shoulder area, legs and feet. The very witty Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago was even quoted as saying Kapag magse-selfie, siguraduhin mong hindi maputi ang mukha tapos maitim naman ang leeg mo. Dapat din hindi sobrang puti ang katawan tapos maitim naman ang kilikili. Tandan mo tao ka, hindi ka Zebra. (If you’ll take a ‘selfie” shot, make sure your face is not white then your neck is dark. Your body should not also so white but your armpit is dark. Remember, you’re human, not a zebra). Hilarious but a lot of us admittedly have this problem.



I think it is about time we look into some whitening alternatives, although I am the first to admit I am not one to go for whitening per se, I feel that its fine to just go to have even skin just to get rid of the “zebra” look.
AngelSkin Whitening Soap Bar
Price: 95php per bar

AngelSkin is a new Philippine brand, just come out last year (?) It had premium skin lightening essentials, a triple action soap, it lightens, smoothens and moisturizes the skin to make it fairer and younger. What is so great about it has Kojic Acid that promises to removes pigmentation, melanoma, age spots, acne scares, sun spot and other skin dark discoloration. With continued use the skin will continue to become lighter until desired. It also has Papaya Extract acts as a natural skin exfoliator and is best partnered with Kojic Acid to achieve a lighter, smoother skin complexion; while Aloe Vera Extract has an anti-inflammatory property which helps reduce redness and some acne. It keeps your skin soft and supple and has anti-ageing properties. It is suggested that to make the products more effective they must be used simultaneously.

AngelSkin Whitening Soap bar is pretty solidly packed in fact while I was using it, I found that it doesn`t melt or crumble as easily as other soaps.

*** Does not melt or crumble easily
*** no over whelming scent, just a slight papaya scent
*** after use my skin feels very smooth, clean and soft
*** has avocado and papaya extracts.
*** evens my skin tone since I don`t plan on going all in with the whitening
*** so far no ill effects on my skin such as itchiness and rashes

*** when I use it, my glove and the soap transfer a bit of orange color to the glove, I wonder why that is? Since I have yet to try other papaya soaps.

AngelSkin Whitening Body Lotion
Size: 100ml
Price: 155 php 

*** a small amount goes a long way no need to slather too much
*** non sticky
*** keeps my skin really soft almost velvety
*** *** has avocado and papaya extracts.
*** I did not break out into rashes,
*** evens out my skin tone

*** the lotion has strong somewhat musky slightly powdery scent, that last a long time, although this could be considered a positive thing, I do a very sensitive nose so I tend to ver away from heavy musky scents, but that is just me.

All in all both these products are interesting enough for those of us who just want to even out our skin tones as oppose to actual whitening, although if you want to go all out, I think these would really work well for you. I must add, if you want instantaneous results (like instant whitening of the skin after application/use of the product), you will not get it with these products. I personally don`t like instant whitening since I advocate the more natural, live with what you are given skin tone but again that is just me.

What do you think about AngelSkin?

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

If you are interested in this product, get in touch with them at Holistix Inc. Office at 2nd floor Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Road cpm Garnet and Ruby St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City or Call 470.27.42

Check out their Facebook:

** These products were sent to me for review, all the opinions stated above are my own. This is not a paid review.

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