Unboxing: SaladBox April 2014 Regatta Exclusive Box

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

Hello Sweeties!

I have known about the Regatta since I was in college and when the only mall we ever go to was Ali Mall. This is the second box I got from my SaladBox Starter Plus subscription. Now this and the SaladBox Skin Food are boxes with previously published contents. To be honest one reason why I signed up for the Starter Plus was because of this box. Regatta from what I know about the brand is know of its nautical styled clothing. Now I am not a fashion blogger but I do know the preppy look when I see it. Blues, White and Red are the predominant colors at the Regatta shop.
Now it seems that they expanded the clothing line to include skincare and scents. The theme for the Regatta Exclusive April SaladBox is All Aboard. It is what they claim to be the perfect summer kit. Warning, major snark and ranting on my part. My apologies.

On to the unboxing:
My April Regatta Saladbox was shipped to me less than 4 days after I paid from my Starter Plus subscription, Not bad considering it too like 2 months before I actually got my unfortunate Missha Exclusive SaladBox. One reason could be that they really wanted to get people interested in their box again coz the past few months has had very dismal reviews about their box. I hope they turned a new leaf and start giving beauty boxes people who pay for them actually deserve.
My April Saladbox, arrived like my March Saladbox came in just the green Saladbox with no fact sleeve, which disappointed me and give me the feeling that they did not take the time to pack the box with the thought of the client who purchased it in mind. *shrug* I maybe picky and was spoiled by the other beauty boxes but I like to think that they would really care about presentation.
Sunblock Spray SPF70 UVA/UVB (Full Size)
Price: 245php
Lightweight sunblock spray has SPF 70 that will surely protect the skin while you are soaking under the sun.

My daughter Raffy plays football and she is outside almost everyday so I let her have the Sunblock since I know she would make full use of it. But alas, this sunblock is like the old fashioned kind, Raffy says it smells like sky flakes and when they put it on during a game they were solo white, there was white coating on both of them. UGH! She was so embarrassed. Needless to say, this product may protect you under the sun but the white residue is so not cool. I will not recommend it to anyone, in fact I am going to tell everyone I know to stay away from it.
25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Women (Full Size) and with it the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Charm Bracelet
Price : 425php
Spritz on some of this limited edition goodness for that lively and fresh-from-the-shower scent -perfect as your summer fragrance.

Now this EDT is the reason I subscribed to the Starter Plus, I have always been a fan of scents and I have been looking for an everyday light scent to use. I have tried this an I like it. I will be posting a review about the EDT. The bracelet that came with the EDT is really more a design of the EDT bottle than anything else, so I don`t really see it an additional “treat”.  Raffy asked for it she was thinking of making a bookmark out of it.
Lip Balm with Sunscreen Protection in Chocolate and Apple (Full Size)
Price: 85php (each)
Have smooth and kissable lips while protecting them from the sun with Apple and Chocolate- scented lip balm. 

These products look promising. Raffy grabbed the chocolate one and claimed it is hers. lol I offered to give her the apple variant as well bit she said she didn’t like apple scent in lip balm.
Special Edition Wooden Comb
This beauty tool is a must-have for every summer kit – no more bad hair days.

I wanted to get to get the wooden portable mirror! Yeah, this is me getting very picky. But let`s face it. I have very curly hair and I consider the brush my enemy. This is so useless to me, Good thing my children both have straight hair. They got that from their Dad.
25th Anniversary Limited Edition Eau de Toilette for Man (Sample Size)
Spray the fresh, summery scent to your man to heighten that summer feel.

Will be giving my son this scent, he loves scents too. My husband is allergic to any scent so I double if he`ll use it.
The April Regatta Exclusive SaladBox
Raffy with her acquisitions. She does like looking at the contents of my boxes looking for something she could use. lol

Well I did subscribe knowing what the content of the box actually was, I suppose it`s an ok box and much better than the previous one. I wonder what the May Saladbox will be? I hope they level it up some.

What did you think of April Salad Box? Comment and let me know.

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

To subscribe for your own Saladbox :http://www.saladbox.com.ph

Learn more about Regatta: http://www.regatta.com.ph

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6 Responses to Unboxing: SaladBox April 2014 Regatta Exclusive Box

  1. mamaspeaks says:

    For P300, I think it is money’s worth.

  2. I hate it when things don’t meet my expectations too. But there were a lot of goodies in that box so I guess it’s not a complete bummer.

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