Unboxing: SaladBox March 2014 Skin Food Exclusive Box

Photo from SaladBox Facebook

Photo from SaladBox Facebook

Hello Sweeties!

I am not really subscriber of Saladbox per se. In fact I am not really a fan of this Beauty Box. I got burned by it a few years back with their alleged Exclusive Missha Box. I told myself I won`t be dupped again.  But a few days ago they posted an offer I can`t refuse a reasonably priced subscription for 3 boxes! This was their Saladbox Starter Plus for 1,000php you get 3 boxes making each box worth just around 333php. With that offer this makes Salad Box the most affordable beauty box available. Aside from that they also promised to send me the first 2 boxes within the next 3-5 woking days or my money back.  Since I only subscribed via their extension promo, I already know what`s inside the box making my decision an informed choice. Win Win.

Let`s start unboxing.

The theme for the March Saladbox is Beauty Recipe, they paired up with Skin Food, a iconic Beauty Brand from South Korea. I am familiar with this brand since one of my favorite actresses, the gorgeous Lee Min-Jung. I know that this brand is raved by a lot of other beauty bloggers so I am certain that sampling these products would be worth it.
The Skin Food Saladbox is pretty light and filled with sample size products. I like this particular brand so I don`t really mind that they are samples.
Black Sugar Perfect First Serum + Cotton
This product promises to exfoliate, brighten, smooth wrinkles and hydrate skin in a single step. This is not my first sample of SkinFood Black Sugar since I got it as a sample in one of the BDJ Events, although I haven`t found the opportunity to use it, maybe this is the time.
Black Pomegranate Premium Kit
Black Pomagranate Toner,infused with ellagic acid which is an anti-oxidant.
Black Pomagranate Emulsion, a very lightweight emulsion effectively smoothes and illuminates skin.
Black Pomagranate Voluming Serum, smooth wrinkles and hydrates skin.
Black Pomagranate Voluming Cream, will transform rough skin into a glowing, supple texture after use.
Bonus: Watery Berry Gift Set with Watery Berry Toner and Emulsion these I feel are single use samples since they are so tiny.
So these are the contents of the Saladbox March SkinFood Exclusive. It is an ok box for me and worth the 333php subscription that I paid for. Nothing really to get all excited about.
I suppose I was really disappointed about my pervious SaladBox experience that this Beauty Box left the impression that they are not around to provide their subscribers new and interesting products to try out, making us the wary to go back. I guess with this box and the their next few boxes Saladbox will be playing catch up with the two other beauty box providers if they want to carve a notch for themselves in the Beauty Box Business. I will just wait and see.

What did you think of March Salad Box? Comment and let me know.

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

To subscribe for your own Saladbox :http://www.saladbox.com.ph

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5 Responses to Unboxing: SaladBox March 2014 Skin Food Exclusive Box

  1. Marie says:

    I have been a lurker if Beauty box reviews eversince, although another box is pricey it really shadows over the Salad box. We do understand that these are supposed to be ‘sampling’ products but samples sizes for 333pesos unfortunately doesn’t tickle my fancy. I agree that they (Salad box) need to take it up a notch.

    • Marie, I think SaladBox is waaaay behind the other two in terms of subscribers because they have not grasp the concept that as consumers, we want value for our money. And now since SaladBox has gone back to their previous 500php per box a month, they need to find a partner brand than would really WOW us. Otherwise, am going to stay true to BDJBox.

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  3. SuperDiana says:

    This box tempted me to subcribe to Saladbox. I’m wondering if the full size prices listed above are just the same when the products are bought from a Skinfood branch in the PH… 🙂

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