Event: Laura Mercier Spring Renaissance MakeUp Workshop

Hello Sweeties!

My BBF Chet and I headed to The Shang for Laura Mercier MakeUp workshop. It is also the Launch o their new Spring Renaissance line. I first got to test Laura Mercier at Mikki Galang’s Make-Up Party last year.
20140423-080002.jpg Lead Make-up Artist Qua facilitated this workshop, he is very young and you can tell he was a bit nervous during the event.

20140423-080017.jpg Laura Mercier started out as a painter, and according to Qua she was the one who invented the Make-up Primer we now use today. She also likes the “natural look” and for her beauty should be enhance not concealed by make-up.

Some of the tips Qua taught us during the workshop.
*** let the foundation dry before you set it with loose powder, so as it is absorbed by the skin and make it last longer.
*** Pat on make-up not spread.
*** When putting eyeliner, just fill in the gaps or space in the lashes to make it look more natural.
*** Beauty takes time, we must be patient when applying make-up and less is more.
The model`s full make-up which is really natural looking. Makes you wonder, is she, or is she not wearing any make-up? This is a look perfect for the summer months.
With my BFF Chet, this is like the 3rd workshop we attended together this year, yay! This is before she starts work at a very demanding company that will not give her any time to attend these fun events.
I had a lot of fun during this workshop. I also want this mirror, make you feel like a movie star. I will probably head to there nearest Laura Mercier when I am at Rustan`s to try out their products again. I will also find the time to attend another workshop.
With the young and dynamic Qua. He likes to do fun poses.

For those asking about the workshops, they are free , yep for some there is a minimum purchase for others no need to purchase. I liked that I also get to test their products myself and discover the right colors and shades that would look good on me. That I think is the best part of the workshop.

What do you think? Let me know.

Until next time Sweeties!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

For more information about Laura Mercier: https://www.facebook.com/lauramerciercosmetics

Go to Rustan`s The Beauty Source for updates about workshops: https://www.facebook.com/RustansTheBeautySource

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2 Responses to Event: Laura Mercier Spring Renaissance MakeUp Workshop

  1. I really should join a make up work shop. I am so bad at putting make up on that I look like a raccoon each time.

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