Review: Pixy Truly Asian Beauty BDJBox 7Day Challenge Part 1

Hello Sweeties!

Today I decided to road test the Pixy Truly Asian Beauty make-up that I unboxed a few weeks ago. This Cosmetics line uses Japanese technology but is based in Indonesia. I was very excited to get my April BDJ Box mainly because I am one of the fortunate few who got to try this before it is officially launched in Philippines.
I am testing out some of the basic from Pixy, their Sem-matte Lipstick, Blush On and Makeup Cake. I really like that the packaging looked very classy. Pixy Truly Asian Beauty gives out the impression of affordability but with quality. These products are perfect for students, new graduates  and  ladies starting their beauty kits but are on a strict budget.
20140420-164702.jpg Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Beige
Size : 12.5g (FULL SIZE)
Price : 445php

This product promises to::: Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake makes tour skin look flawless by covering common imperfections, creates a smooth, even coverage that results in a natural-looking finish

This is by far the most expensive product in the BDJ April Box. Which is pretty cool since it is still within a budget friendly price range. I used this as my make-up base. Since it is summer and so very hot and humid, I tried to lessen the products I use on my face, I get oily in a bad way after an hour or so and I hate the sticky face feeling.  Other than toner, moisturizer and sunblock which is part of my daily routine, I skipped using BB Cream or liquid foundation this time around. Instead of the sponge provided, I used a flat brush to apply this product.

Love that:
*** It covers most of my imperfections really well, although it did not cover my large pores, but I do love the instant evening of my skin tone
*** It did not break me out nor gave me a rash
*** It did not make my skin look ashy after a while, I initially thought that this product at initial glance looked too dark on me but of course it is not, after doing a skin test, I found out it is a bit lighter than my skin tone which makes it perfect.
*** It gives out a matte finish, since I am oily I don`t really like the dewy effect, so matte is my fave look
*** I had to blot like twice during the 2 hours I was at work, I was in an air-conditioned office but I do get oily after 2 hours, this time not so much.
*** It has 20 SPF
*** I was never one to go for the whitening properties of a product but since a skin analysis  test showed that I had sun damage that can be repaired with natural brightening properties of certain products I am now all for the whitening elements which actually prevents premature aging.

On the fence:
*** I have a very sensitive nose of scents really get my attention. This product as a slight smell that I can`t really place, not that it is offensive, It just bothered me a bit but I don`t really notice when product is applied to my face maybe because I only use a little bit of the product at a time not enough to irritate my nose.
20140420-164007.jpg Pixy Color Delight Blush On in Brown Tea 02
Size: 3.5 g
Price: 285php

This blush will : help pull off the natural flush on your cheeks, giving you a sweet and innocent glow.

At first glance, this color really puzzled me. Would this shade really work on me? It has a mix of brown and orange. When I checked my blush collection I found out that I had no orange blush so this is just perfect.
When swatched, it looks orange and when applied look gives the impression that I was out in the sun too long kinda blush.

Loved that :
*** It will be great paired with the neutral lippies that I do own
*** A little of the product goes a long way, very pigmented.
*** Sun-kissed goddess look!

On the fence:
*** Had to retouch a bit after a few hours of wear

20140420-153709.jpg Pixy Color Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Semi-Matte Lipstick in Haruka
Size: 3.8 g
Price: 265php

This product : is the best of both worlds semi-matte lipstick Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E that will hydrate your lips all day
Very nice rich color when swatched.
On my lips non-drying!

Loved that:
*** It has Vitamin E and keeps my lips hydrated all day. I used a high end brand of matte lipstick and after a whole day of wearing it my lips felt so dry that I opted not to use that lipstick without using lip balm over it first. This product helps protect the lips
*** Is there such a things as semi-smudge proof? Coz this product still leaves a bit of color even after a meal of soup!
*** It is long lasting
*** has this yummy cherry scent that I really like.
*** does not leave a waxy after taste on the lips

On the fence:
*** Nothing, I adore this lipstick and would look for other shades and hues to add to my lippie collection.

This is my final look.

I liked road testing this products. I will be mixing and matching them with others in the Pixy BDJBox since they gave me a lot to play with. Thank you BDJBox for introducing me to Pixy Truly Asian Beauty Cosmetics. I am excited to try other products from this very promising Cosmetic line. What about you?

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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4 Responses to Review: Pixy Truly Asian Beauty BDJBox 7Day Challenge Part 1

  1. SL says:

    I am curious about the product line. They look classy and promising. 🙂

  2. mamaspeaks says:

    Regarding the blush on, I have tried it a couple of times and although it doesn’t irritates my sensitive skin, I find it quite difficult to use, don’t you? I find the blush applicator too narrow. I hope they make it broader next time for more even application.

    • I did not use the blush applicator it came with because I like using either a sponge or fluffy blush brush. When I swatched it the color looked so harsh, but when used on my cheeks it looked sunkissed. I need to pair it with an orange gloss or lippie coz it looked strange with the lip colors I for from Pixy.

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