Haul: Summer Add Ons

I found that shopping during the Summer quiet interesting mainly because of the great freebies that come with every purchase. I purchased stuff that I or my kids need so it was so cool that I got some of these stuff just for getting something I was going to get anyway.
Tomato Summer Organizer

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago to get my daughter a hoodie and I stumbled upon this really cute one that is also a hanging one at Tomoto TriNoma. I also found a really nice top for me both items set me back around 1,500php.

I got a the Tomato time Summer Organizer. I was supposed to get the 50ml Pure and Fresh but I did not get one. 😩.

The inside is plastic, which is perfect when you use it on the beach. It is filled with coupons and samples.

You can get the Summer Organizer/Kit from March 10- April 30.
Havaianas Limited Edition Get Away Bag in Neon

I schedule my Havaianas re-purchased during the summer month just so I can get their limited edition bags. This time it’s NEON They call it the Get Away Bag

Photo from the Havianas Philippines Facebook
All you need to do is buy two (2) regular prices Havaianas and add 350php to purchase this bag. It is made out of durable canvass, washable. It comes in 4 Neon Colors that just pop out. Orange, Blue, Yellow and Pink.

My first one looked like LL Bean Tote 250php

My 2nd Havianas bag last year, They had it in 2 colors that time, Blue and Red and Black (?) 250php

This year’s NEON Get-Away Bag (my 3rd) is larger than last year’s and has a pocket in the front. I selected the Neon Pink. Which I found very cute and girlie. You can get the Neon Get-Away Bags from March 14- April 30.

I got my nieces gifts for their birthdays from Swatch. I like this Eco-bag from Swatch. It’s large enough to put all your groceries in there. Reminds me a lot of Long Champs, since it is foldable. You can get this bag with every 5,000php total purchase at Swatch then you add 250php for the bag.

These are my hauls so far. Raffy thinks I am more excited about the add one than the actual purchase items, but if you are like me and purchase more for other people than yourself these little bonuses keep me smiling.

What do you ladies think? Comment!

Until my next post!

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4 Responses to Haul: Summer Add Ons

  1. Angel Mariel says:

    I am always a victim of freebies! Hehehehe~

  2. The Havianas bag look cool! I need to remind myself about this the next time we go to the mall. Thanks for sharing!

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