Event: Radiance & Color The Za Cosmetic + Majolica Majorca Skin Care & Make-up Workshop

I felt so blessed when they announced that I won the Za Cosmetics Philippines Facebook Contest asking What is the Best Thing about Summer? The prize being an intimate Skin Care & Make-up Workshop, Radiance and Color along with Majolica Majorca

20140330-131630.jpgScreenshot announcement of my winning

20140330-141316.jpgAlong with my BFF Chet, we went to their Luxasia office in Pioneer to attend their 9 AM session. We also met the winner of the Majolica Majorca Philippines Facebook Contest, Maan Preligera and her friend Jasmin who were early birds too.

The Workshop is very intimate with just 10 attendee but only 7 of us were in attendance. We started around 10am because we were waiting for the others, it makes me a bit sad that the other works hopers missed the opportunity today, it is their loss.

20140330-142209.jpgMs. Aimee Unson, did the skincare demonstration which I thought was very informative. The proper way of removing make-up although it will take a lot of time, we must make time to keep our skin healthy.

* best to use a remove make-up in front of a mirror, so you can see your progress

* use a cotton square or rounds and soak it with make-up remover (if you are wearing waterproof make-up) or a cleansing foam when you are using regular make-up

* when removing the eye make-up you just have to put the soaked cotton squares with make-up remover and place it carefully on the eye area and careful not to pull the skin. The skin under the eyes are very  thin and we should not damage them. Just dab the cotton lightly.

* start from the forehead going down to the chin area light strokes with the cotton square until all make up is removed.

* when removing water-proof mascara, use a q-tip soaked in eye and lip make-hp remover and carefully go over the lashes until they are free of the mascara.

I know this process is tedious and time consuming but since we decided to use water-proof make-up we must also learn to take them off properly or they would leave unhealthy residue on our skin.

20140330-142217.jpgAimee demonstrated the proper way of putting on toner and moisturizers, with this really soothing massage we can do on ourselves, Putting on moisturizer is better if you massage the cream in, so our skin will absorb it better.  Using our middle and ring fingers to rub the cream on our faces until it is absorbed completely or until we fall asleep during the massage. lol A tip from Aimee is if you don`t have that much time and need to skip a step it is best to do the massage in the evenings if you really can`t during the day.

20140330-140632.jpgChet with her Skin Analysis Results which is not bad really.
I also got my Skin Analyzed. Pretty plainly procedure but never wracking. You get to know your skin tone, melanin and texture analysis and your actual skin age, they use the Za Cosmetics Handy Skin Sensor.  I was pretty happy about the results of my skin analysis, it says that my skin age is actually for a 41 year old ;). (I am 44 after all). Although, I don`t take care of my skin as consistently as I should I have been a Shiseido and Za Cosmetics user for almost a year now and it proves that the use of these products actually helps hold aging at bay!

These are some of the recommended skincare products. The hot pink Za Cosmetics Perfect Solution Toner and Za Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream They did not have the True White Ex Essence Lotion sample

Aimee, demonstrated the day and night make-up, on one model; It looked so look after!
The make-up demo where Aimee reminded us not to spread the BB Cream/Liquid Foundation/Eyeshadow/Blush on our faces like we were painting a wall, it is best to dab2x.


Some of the tricks Aimee taught us was to use our brow bones as a guide to putting on eyeshadow and creating a crease. My BBF Chet is a chinita and she was really happy with the make-over that gave her a double eyelids. We should not to be afraid to use the products, experiment and spread it out. Experiment and have fun.
20140330-140654.jpgThey sold some Za Cosmetics and Majolica Majorca products at a great discount prices, but I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the Majolica Majorca Line Hunter which what I wanted along with the True White Ex Essence Lotion, that would really help minimize the melanin damage on my face.

My certificate got all wrinkly! But I love it anyway. Thanks Za Cosmetics Philippines for the opportunity!

This is my mini haul that I purchased during the event:  Za Cosmetics Eye and Lips Make-up Remover Priced: 250php (395php in stores), The Little Humming Book III Priced: 600php (999php in stores), Za Cosmetic Cleansing Foaming Gel Priced: 150php (195php in stores). Yep I took advantage of the discounts.

20140330-140730.jpgBefore and after shot of Chet and I.
With Aimee Unson, Chief Make-up Artist & Training Executive of Za Cosmetics and Majolica Majorca Philippines.

Until my next post!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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  1. Glenda says:

    Great event sis! From Antipolo din ako 🙂

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