Event: BDJBox Beauty Social: Tres Chic Highlights according Raffy (and myself)

I was so looking forward to going to SM Aura for the very 1st BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014. Dubbed as Tres Chic, this event gathers some of the best beauty brands all in one place, add the best beauty gurus to conduct talks and have on the spot make-up and you have a place any woman would call heaven. Samasung Hall at SM Aura seems a bit smaller than SM The Block were the last Beauty Social was held, also I wondered why the place was dimly lit, but maybe it`s just me.
We came to the event with bare faces and wearing our #OFODD I opted to wear a dress I bought from Bayo, which is very unlike my usual style. Raffy likes to keep things casual.
Our first stop is Yves Rocher France booth We had a hard time trying to access our networks (globe/smart) because of the poor signal inside the Samsung Hall. Almost all the booths were giving freebies and sample of their products.
We get to cosplay as Spy Girl at the Benefit Cosmetics Booth I love the little suitcase and I wanted to take it home with me. lol

After our brief cosplay foray, we went on to get our separate make-overs.

Raffy having her nails done by Revlon, the nail polish are long lasting and scented.
Canmake Tokyo from Japan Is the brand I was most curious about. The packaging is just so cute and of course fashion icon and photographer Tricia Gosingtian is a fan of this brand is endorsement enough for me.


I got a free make-over, I was really aiming for a Japanese gyaru look which is something I feel I should try at least once. It took around 20 minutes or so for my face to be finished. I do love the products which surprisingly compliments my morena skin tone, they feel light on my face, almost as if I wasn’t wearing any make-up.
My Canmake Tokyo haul. The Marshmallow Finish Powder Foundation and the Glow Fleur Cheeks in Strawberry Fleur part of their summer collection.
My before and after photo

Us posing at Raffy`s favorite Too Cool For School Booth, I do love that skull and it is heavier than it looks.
20140324-195814.jpgToo Cool For School Make-over for Raffy
We wandered over to almost all the booths there was so much to see and to experience.
We were so distracted with all there is to see, we almost missed our talks!
We got to attend three, Picture Perfect with Canon Crusader Sara Black, Primed and Ready with Benefit Cosmetics`s Miakka Lim and Colors of Summer with Shiseido Maquillage Jessica Villapando

I also get to see the hard working BDJ Team, The BDJBox Beauty Ministry, and my
favorite Beauty Bloggers!

This is me with Event Host, Make-up Artist, Motivational Speaker and Blogger extraordinaire Jasmine Mendiola, the Beauty Ministry Kate, Nicole and Tara, the BDJ Team and Beauty Blogger Liz Lanuzo (Project Vanity)

We also got the chance to swap our old mascara for the new CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Water Resistant Mascara, I also got to see The Makeup Maven, Sab Hernandez in person!

Pretty Bellas! I wish, I had chatted with them more. But there will always be the next BDJ Event.

Raffy and my haul from the Beauty Social

Fun photo from PrintSocial

The BDJ Events will always be a special for me and Raffy, a time for us to bond, as mom and daughter, sometimes as just best friends. I am grateful to Viviamo Inc.  for organizing  these fun events for us to meet new friends, catch up with new ones learning new ways on how we should love appreciate ourselves and just be happy that we are born female, This event is not just a Beauty Social but it is also a place where no matter who we are, what we look like, will are made to feel loved and beautiful.

Until my next post!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉
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**photos shot by Raffy, from Nikon 5100 and iPhone 4s.

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14 Responses to Event: BDJBox Beauty Social: Tres Chic Highlights according Raffy (and myself)

  1. Rae says:

    Lagi ba kayong magkasama ni Raffy? I think I saw her, but I didn’t see you 😦 Or maybe your back was turned.

    Ang dami kong na-miss! I don’t even remember seeing half of these booths. Sayang!

    • Too bad we didn’t meet, we sat in the front during the Shiseido Talk. I was the one who asked he first question. We should really meet up in one of the events. There’s another one September.

      • Rae says:

        Do I need to subscribe to the box na?

        I didn’t notice. I was talking to Elaine (Flabs Rule The World). Ako naman nasa isa sa mga rows sa likod. And I have very poor eyesight hahaha. Sayang nga! I’ll move clouds and oceans para makapunta sa sept. Sana same location, saya mag-window shopping sa Aura.

      • You don’t need to subscribe to a box. You just need to pre-register for the event. I do hope they have it in Aura again but based on past experiences, they would usually have it at another SM Mall, hopefully The Block which has better lighting. Hope to see you there! I am usually with Raffy at these things but she wanders around on her own since she is almost 15. She has other likes…Nail color and nail care for one. Lol

  2. Wow, looks like a fun event! I wish they will organize a BDJ Box Beauty Social in Cebu too!

  3. Ang galing mo Ate Joey mag blog.jeje Thanks I saw our pics there.Haha Til next time te.

  4. It was such a fun event and I think I sat a few seats away from you at the Benefit talk. I wasn’t aware of so many bloggers at the event and since I’m a US based blogger studying here in the Philippines it was nice seeing it has reached over here. At the next event I would love to meet up with you and some PH bloggers.

    • Wow really? There was so much going on. I only had time to get a quick photo with some of my favorite girls, most I’ve met thru my blog and events like these. It would be great to meet you. There is an event on April 12 for Belle De Jour Power Planne. Hope to see you there!

      • I guess I need to find some more beauty blogs to read so I don’t miss people then. What are the details to the event? I would love to go and meet everyone for real and in person this time.

      • You can check out the Belle de Jour Power Planner Facebook page for the details. 🙂 I only started blogging seriously the last 2 years, so I am pretty much a newbie. best thing about Blogging is I get to meet people who like similar things. 🙂

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