Unboxing: BDJBox March (An Exclusive Benefit BDJ Box)


I became really excited when I got my notice of shipping for the March BDJBox this week. I usually wait up to the end of the first week before I get my box but it arrived way before scheduled. 20140305-202057.jpg
Primed and Ready was the hint they have out. My automatic reaction was Benefit Cosmetics . We all know how hot and humid it can be in the Philippines, it fact we are experiencing the sudden rising of temperature the past few days. I for one end up with erased make-up before my work day is up and this can be very frustrating. I am so glad my Exclusive Benefit BDJBox came right on time.
There are 6 sample size products in the BDJBox March, and since I never tried Benefit Cosmetics before this is a treat for me.
Spy Girl’s Secrets REVEALED.
20140305-210746.jpgPorefessional PRO Balm
Size: 3.0ml ( 22ml Full Size 1600php)
PRO Balm is said to minimize the appearance of pores. Compliments all skintone.20140305-211512.jpg
Stay Don’t Stray
Size: 2.5ml / 0.08 fl oz ( 10ml Full Size 1400php)
Primer for concealers & eyeshadow. Concealers don’t crease , eyeshadow stay vibrant and true.20140305-212053.jpg
Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow
Size: 5.0 ml ( 30ml Full Size 1900php)
This product is an oil free brightening liquid foundation and really something to be wowed about. I have oily skin so I will be trying this baby out ASAP.20140305-212446.jpg
Stay Flawless
Size: 2 pcs. Good for a single use (15.5g Full Size 1900php)
An instant PRO-long primer that acts like a magnet to lock the foundation and assures a 15 Hour fresh and flawless look! Excited to try this!20140305-213203.jpg
Under My Spell Noelle Fragrance
Size: 1.5ml (30ml Full Size 2000php)
This is a fairly new fragrance from benefit cosmetics and is said to have an exotic and glamorous woody floral accent.20140305-213702.jpg
Agent Zero Shine
Size: 1 sachet
(7g Full Size 1600php)
This is the product I am excited to try. I heard such great reviews about this product I do wish I had more than a sachet for single use. I do like that this sample has it’s very own brush.20140305-214448.jpg
I do love these stickers, Raffy already asked for a piece she can stick on her locker.

I am glad that BDJBox and Benefit Cosmetics decided to come together for this box. But I do wish they would have given us at least one or two full sized products to try out for the long haul. But all in all, it is a great BDJBox. Watch out for my product reviews!

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady πŸ‰

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To see more Benefit San Francisco : here

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5 Responses to Unboxing: BDJBox March (An Exclusive Benefit BDJ Box)

  1. trisha d says:

    I received the same combination of products in my March box. I was a bit disappointed by the sampler-sized products. Compared to other boxes I have received, I think that this one is nowhere near in terms of WOW! factor 😦 As much as I am excited to try products from Benefit, medyo bitin ang laman ng box.
    Well, hopefully the April box is better in terms of contents.

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