Review: NudeAudio Move S (Light Grey/Mint) Bluetooth

NudeAudio Move S (Bluetooth)
Price: 1990php
Purchased at: Digital Walker (TriNoma)
Features & Details:
** Compatible with most Bluetooth devices, smartphones, tablets and computers (Tested it on my Apple stuff)
** 8 Hours lithium ion battery that can be charged from any USB device
** 3.0 Bluetooth wireless streaming technology with a range of 10 meters to 30 meters

The box contains: NudeAudio S unit, the Product Information & Quick Guide pamphlets, Stickers and Micro UBS charging cord (no power adapter.)

20140227-131258.jpg There is a green power LED above the power button that lights up and turns red when battery power is low, and a blue (naturally) Bluetooth indicator light above the pairing button, a three-bar light that shows you the strength of your Bluetooth connection. In the middle is the audio volume control. When the power’s getting low, the Nude Audio S reminds you by periodically lowering the audio and give you a soft trilling sound, The first time I heard it I was wondering WTH the sound was coming from, but I then noticed that the light of the LED was red. Time to charge this baby. You can actually charge it while using, the light will turn green and start blinking while charging. I charge it on my Mac but you can use a standard USB compatible power adapter on it as well.

The flat hole is where you plug in the USB Charger, and the round hole to plug in a wire connector to a mobile or computer (the wire connector not included)20140226-224038.jpg
Mint Colored lace you can use this to hang the speaker.20140226-224158.jpg
The lace is useful to so you can hang the speaker anywhere. I suppose it is best the hang the NudeAudio S as close to the bluetooth paired unit as possible. I use this on my Mac, and I find it very convenient because some video files have low recorded audio.

Close up of the speaker. I love this design and It actually fit in the palm of my hand (note: I have small hands)

*** Easy set-up, just connect to your Bluetooth gadget and it is ready to use.                                                              *** comes pre-charged so you get to use it our of the box
*** compact and very attractive design
*** sturdy and well built
*** relatively decent sound quality, loud and clear

*** It distorts and clips at the loudest level
*** there are times when I lose the audio or the audio breaks up, it happens with video more than my music files.                           
*** no playback button
*** not suitable for big groups or parties, well you can’t use it in a rave as your primary speaker 😆
My take:
I really like my NudeAudio S, I was resigned to purchase their M which cost a thousand bucks more than this one. I am so glad they still had stock of this one, since I am only going to use it in my room and for my videos. This is so worth the price.


The NudeAudio Move line comes in different sizes The S which is the smallest one, the M and the L. It comes in light gray with light green accents and lanyard, and black with red accents and lanyard.  They have it in Wired (with a connector) and Bluetooth variant.

Prices of the NudeAudio Move Line:  
Small (S), 1,290php (for wired) 1990php (Bluetooth) 
Medium 2,990php
Large (L), 5,990php

To learn more click: NudeAudio

My NudeAudio S in action while watching Doctor Who, that is the 11th Doctor Played by Matt Smith.

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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*** this is a personal review and not sponsored by NudeAudo and or Digital Walker, I purchased the product with my own money.

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