Review: Saforelle the All in One Skincare Product

Saforelle Gentle Cleansing Care
is 159.75php
60ml is 99.75php

I got my very first Saforelle from my BDJ November Box last year and later made available at the Sampleroomph. It was a tiny bottle so I had misgivings in how long it would last with constant use. It was pleasantly surprised that this product does not only do what it says but also last longer than most of the feminine wash I have used before. Also other than the obvious intimate Hygiene use that it stated in it’s package I found a great many uses for it.

Uses of Saforelle other than the obvious:
Face: After a day out on the field I usually come back to the office to wash my face with Saforelle. It is gentle enough for newborn babies it is gentle enough for my face.
Jawline: I have this tendency to break out on my jawline. I usually use Saforelle in that area to hasen the breakouts to dry quicker.
Underarm: Whenever I am in rush I end up shaving my underarms, now when you do that there is a tendency for the regrown hair to be uber annoying. I wash with Saforelle to ease the discomfort.
Feet: Instead of a foot scrub I use a peeling mask on my feet, it takes about 2 day before it starts peeling but during that time my feet feel so itchy, so I wash them with Saforelle 😄.

Likes 😘:
*** the scent reminds me of the cologne I used in high school decades ago Bien Etre.
*** moisturized and cleanses skin well
*** non- irritating
*** can be used on new borns
*** can be used on the face and other parts of the body not just the feminine area
*** a little goes a long way
*** gentle to use everyday or more than 2x a day
*** does not stain
*** there is an expiration date at the bottom so you’ll know if then product is still safe to use.
***soothes itchy and irritated skin

Been using the small bottle 60ml for a month and a half and it is still full.

I have also started carrying 60ml bottle in my kikay kit. I also bought one for my daughter to take to school and during her swimming and football practices. This small bottle with multiple uses is all we’ll ever need for to soothe and cleans out skin. I do wish Because Inc. would have it available nationwide.

Saforelle is available at:
Landmark TriNoma
Landmark Makati
Robinson’s Galleria
Robinson’s Magnolia

You can also purchase Saforelle on line at

Get samples from : Sampleroomph

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

To learn about Saforelle:


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2 Responses to Review: Saforelle the All in One Skincare Product

  1. Have tried this bottle too and it was a great alternative to the usual brands 🙂

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