Event: MegaWorld at the Fort Goes Social

McKinley Hill. It is like an entirely new country. I have never been to this part of the Metro before but when MegaWorld sent me an invitation to attend their Bloggers event, I became really excited.

MegaWorld, is one of the Philippines’ premier residential condominium developer and BPO office landlord. They have a portfolio of more than 305 completed projects, it is THE company that is transforming the metropolitan landscape.

Megaworld’s lifestyle concept of “Live, Work, Play, Learn, Shop” for me makes living in a MegaWorld Town all the more appealing. Think about it, a complete town with world class education and health institutions, Commercial and Business hubs, the best lifestyle attractions and luxury (shopping)choices 😁. With a setting straight from Europe. Imagine living in the Spanish Mediterranean, Romantic Italy (my fave) and the French Riviera!

Some of the projects of MegaWorld at
The Fort

After a glass of their excellent white wine, we went on a tour of their showroom . The Venice is my favorite. The interior decoration does not come with the unit nor is it furnished when you buy it, although they could give the name of their affiliated decorators to interested buyers. I am loving the whole canopy bed and the paintings!

I do love that they will have an actual gondola in their The Venice. The also promise a balcony in every unit.

The Venice sample floor plan
I was really impressed not just by the design but the entire lifestyle concept of a town, no a complete community in just one place which is , The Fort. The location, the design elements and the holistic lifestyle concept really makes of an intelligent investment.

It was an informative event. The food and company was awesome. On that same occasion MegaWorld launched their first Blogger completion. Details can be found in their website.

Asian inspired buffet

I met a lot a lot of bloggers and old friends!

They held a raffle for the guest and I won this GC for a night’s stay in the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. I get to experience for myself the MegaWorld lifestyle. Thanks so much!


With fellow Bloggers, photo from Kamila

MegaWorld at the Fort is the perfect place to build a future, raise a family and of course for expats and balikbayan a great place to retire and simply enjoy living. If you are interested check out their showroom at McKinley Hill Information Center or their social network links below.

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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