Unboxing: January- February 2014 BDJ Box

Happy 2014 Everyone! It seems fitting that my first blog entry for this year would be about the BDJBox. Mainly because of the ton of interesting products I got to try from the box that I started sharing my views about them and blogged regularly after that. More entires for 2014!

On with the unboxing.

I made it a point to subscribe early to the BDJ Box for 2014 because those boxes were getting out of stock fast. My last box was November 2013 and I was pretty happy with the items inside. I often look for new products to try out and I am happy that the January- February BDJ Box did not disappoint. Although I know the brands, these are products I haven’t tried yet and I am so excited!

The theme for this January- February BDJ Box is “Change it Up!”, 2014 is a new year and the opportunity to be more adventurous is us for the taking with the first BDJ Box for 2014.
There are 9 products. 5 Full size items, a Skin Revolution kit composed of 4 sample items, and 3 trial sized items and vouchers!

Beauty and bright Moringa Soap (2 bars)
Full Size: 130g
Price: 114php
This soap is packed with beautifying extracts that promises to renew and lightens skin in 4 weeks without drying the skin.

Ellana Mineral Lip and Cheek Tint (Amethyst)
Full Size: 20ml
Price: 200php
Ellana is one of the local brands that I really like not only is it proudly Pinay made but it is revolutionary in the sense that it it a mineral base make-up brand. I am so happy they have an all new look since I am a fan of their brushes and their lip scrubs. The lip and cheek tint gel in Amethyst is prefect for my skin tone, for the no make-up look I usually have on weekends.

20140130-205611.jpgRevlon Nail Art (Expressionist :Night & Degas)
Full Size: 0.26 fl oz / 7.68ml
Price: 375php
I love Revlon Nail Art! I now have 5 different variants of these that I wear on my toes. These are perfect for my Gothic Lolita look.😝

Avon Face Pearls
Full Size: 22g
Price: 599php
This is the item that I am most curious about. Blush and highlighter that come in these small different hue pearls. It promises to give a subtle, radiant sheen on your cheek that makes glow naturally. All I need now is a how-to guide on how to use them properly.

Garnier Color Naturals Cream (Darkest Brown)
Full Size: 100ml
Price: 199php
I color my curl hair once a month so these came just in time for me to try. Although I don’t really like my hair to be overly dark seeing that it is in the darkest brown, I wonder how long the color will last and if it is Nourishing because of the olive oil.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara (#1 Noir)
Travel Size: 2.5ml (Full Size: 9ml – Price: 650php)
This is a nice change. Most of the time I usually have those full size wands that I carry in my make-up bag but this one is the perfect travel size that won’t take up much room. I am also curious how effective the Carnaubus wax is in thickening my lashes.

Tony Moly Skin Revolution Kit
This TM kit contains 4 sample size items for the face. I am so excited about their CC Cream
* Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack
* Oriental Gyeol Emulsion
* Intense Care Live Snail Cream
* Luminous Aura CC Cream
The BDJ Box more often than not have bonus items, more value for our money.
Bonus Items:

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner (1 sachets each)
Size: 15ml
Contains virgin coconut oil and promises faster blow drying and leaves hair healthy and shinny. Since I have curly hair, I am not really the blow drying type, but it would be useful for my straight haired Raffy to use.

What is awesome about the BDJ Box is not the the bonus but also the coupons that come with the boxes, when you think about it the vouchers are more than what the boxes are worth!
Browhouse: Free Brow Construction worth 598php
AIP vouchers 3pcs worth 500php each
Azta Salon Gift card 600php off on Keratin Treatment and 800php off for Cynosure Nano Digital Perming

The BDJ January-February Box is packed with a lot of great goodies, other than the bonus items I will be using all the products in the box, so wait for my reviews. For now let us all Walk in Beauty!

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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3 Responses to Unboxing: January- February 2014 BDJ Box

  1. iciaramirez says:

    Question. I just subscribed for 6 months, January – June 2015, your post says January-February Box. So that means for my 6 month subscription I will only receive 5 BDJ Boxes in total? If yes, how come they combine Jan-Feb under one box?

    • Hello!

      The first box (January-Feburary Box) is usual just one box, then you get 5 other boxes after that. March, April, May, June and July. you paid for 6 months = 6 boxes. I am not really sure why they combine the first two months into one box but I think everything is hectic during the first few months of the year and they want to make sure that the boxes are ready before the end of each month, They would rather have them advance. Before the issue of port congestion the boxes arrive during the 2nd week of every month but alas it can’t be helped and they are doing the best they can to give us the subscribers more than what we paid for. For more information you can email them at hello@bdjbox.com. I hope I answered your question.

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