Review: The Cream Factory Bath Cream

Single Bottle – 26fl oz. at 699.00php
Bundle Box – 7.5fl oz. at 799.00php

I got my first The Cream Factory Bath Cream (Jojoba) bottle in my BDJ November Box, it was the very first thing that caught my eye. As I was unboxing, my daughter and I made a grab for the box. Yep there was quiet a struggle in the end we compromised and shared it (with my son and husband too).
Shaped like a milk bottle, to complete the theme that this product contains milk, as in REAL goat’s milk from the Netherlands. It uses 100% Active Botanicals that leaves the skin with the velvety soft and fresh feeling.
You can see from the packaging how creatively it was designed. From the seal on top and the best before expiration date at the bottom of the bottle.
Printed on the sides are the list of ingredient and the name of the distributor in the Philippines it’s Because Inc., they also bought Saforelle to Manila but more on that on that in my other review.

The bottle also indicates what benefits and added natural ingredient (Jojoba, Witch Hazel. Yogurt etc) are in the bottles printed in the simplest possible way. I also love that they are color coded! As you can see from the photo above.
There are 9 variants of the bath cream with different scents, mix and benefits that that the skin will surely love.


Swatch of The Cream Factory and a Generic Bath Cream, you can see the other brand is just clear and watery, The Cream Factory is thick.

*** the scent are glorious (Jojoba is my favorite)
*** different skin benefits in every bottle (there is a choice and you are not stuck with just one variant)
*** lathers well an rinses well,
*** the scent last on skin
*** it feel luxurious!
*** it moisturized my skin
*** non sticky feel after use and my skin feels fresh all day
*** less messy (my son is pretty active and more often than not he leaves grime and dirt on the soap)
*** there is a scent for everyone and this is NOT just for women. (Witch Hazel, Jojoba and Seaweed are scented to suit men too).
*** It comes in the small bundle pack with 3 bottles you can try or if you have a fave one you can purchase the huge bottle.
*** depending on the use a small bottle from the bundle can last roughly a month
*** the bottle looks cute in my bathroom (lol)

*** the large 26 fl oz bottle it hard to pour ( maybe a dispenser with a spout added would be nice)
*** would be nice if it is available nationwide

I just love this product. I do wish it was readily available in all the malls nationwide. Raffy loves the Yogurt variant and takes a bottle to school to use after her swimming class. I must urge you to go ahead, give in to the perfect dessert for the skin.


For those who are interested you can purchase The Cream Factory on line at

The Cream Factory is available in select Rustans Fresh, Landmark Dept store + Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket + Dept Store, PCX, SM Supermarkets and SNOE outlets.

You can also find The Cream Factory at the following bazaars, their Scrub-in-a-Tubs will also be available there( just wait for my review about that).

December 14-15 – MEA Bright Lights Bazaar, Eton Centris Tent
December 19-22 – Noel Swings South, Filinvest Tent, Alabang

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

To learn about The Cream Factory:

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