Journey to a Starbucks Philippines Planner

20131208-095126.jpgI have never been one to have coffee at popular coffee shops but since I got my Starbucks Card and I usually fetch Raffy at odd hours, so it is best that I hang out at a reliable and quiet place to hang out.

To get the coveted Starbucks Card one has to collect 18 stickers. 9 by ordering the Christmas Featured Beverage.

There are 3 to choose from. Toffee Nut Latte (personal favorite), Gingerbread Latte and Peppermint Mocha. And 9 core drinks. You can collect the stickers from any branch of Starbucks from Nov 02, 2013 – January 08, 2014. 3 months and like more than a thousand calories for a planner! So what kind of planner are we talking about here?


Colorful ones! I know last year they came in only 2 colors this year there are 4. Black, Brown, Yellow and Red. They also come with the cute bookmark.

I am so happy I finally finished with the stickers and got my own planner. So why would someone who already posses an awesome planner like Belle de Jour Power Planner get another planner? Well, aside from the great selection of colors and the beautiful bookmark, I had my husband with me on coffee dates and since he helped me out a lot to complete this planner, I’ll cherish it for the love and effort he made for me while he was in Manila. Will I try to get the 2015 edition? Who knows? For now I am just happy.

Until next time!

Muah! – joeydragonlady 🐉

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